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Welcome to the Academic Summer, Westminster experience, where the heart of London beats just outside your door.  Nestled directly opposite the iconic Houses of Parliament, our prime location offers more than just an exceptional academic experience; it provides an unforgettable London adventure, with famous landmarks right at your doorstep.

Situated in the heart of the city, overlooking Westminster and the River Thames, we have programmes for Adventurers (7-12), Explorers (12-14) and Engagers (15-17).  Explorers and Engagers chose their academic stream from the rich palette of STEAM, Social Studies or Arts while Adventurers embark on a project-based, cross curricular timetable that encourages creativity, critical thinking and interdisciplinary learning.

Your accommodations and classrooms for the summer are located at the foot of Westminster Bridge, surrounded by some of the most prestigious and historic buildings in the city.  Our single ensuite rooms offer a comfortable and private space to relax after a busy day of learning and sightseeing.

Whether you are eager to expand your knowledge, a school student looking to get a head start, or a parent seeking an enriching summer experience for your child, you've come to the right place.  If you're a local Londoner or a traveller from afar, you'll learn to socialise with peers from across the globe, gain insights into different cultures and build valuable connections in our increasingly connected world.  We combine academic excellence, cultural immersion and a spirit of adventure to create lasting memories.  


London - Westminster

Academic Summer's host school, DLD College, enjoys a truly exceptional location, within a stroll from some of London's most iconic landmarks. The majestic London Eye, the historic Houses of Parliament, the vibrant Trafalgar Square and the regal Buckingham Palace are all within walking distance.

The Westminster area has immense historical and political significance. It is well-known for its famous landmarks and, most importantly, the Palace of Westminster, which houses the UK Parliament, and the Elizabeth Tower, better known as Big Ben. 

This fantastic location provides a unique opportunity to visit London and immerse yourself in the heart of the city. The setting encourages exploration and a connection to the pulse of London life, making it an unforgettable experience. 

Academic Summer DLD College
Single room
Common Room


DLD College, London

DLD College is a purpose-built, modern boarding school.  Everything is under one roof, eliminating the need for commuting and ensuring your safety. Our campus features: 

Modern classrooms, including dedicated spaces for Art and Drama

Well-equipped Science laboratories for hands-on learning

A spacious atrium and social area for you to relax and make friends

A modern dining room serving delicious home-made meals

The convenience of an on-site coffee shop known as the ‘Hungry Mule’

Comfortable on-site boarding accommodation 

Single ensuite bedroom for everyone (Limited number of twin rooms)

Common rooms on every boarding floor so you can socialise

Our camp counsellors live on the boarding floors to look after you

24-hour security to ensure your safety at all times

WIFI throughout the campus to keep you connected with home.

Our environment at DLD, fosters academic excellence and provides a modern, welcoming and secure place for you to enjoy your summer adventure with Academic Summer. 


Experience an exhilarating immersion into London and have an amazing academic adventure

Let Us Inspire You!

Explore and Engage in key GCSE curriculum areas and delve deeper to help you prepare for your future studies.

Embark on an educational journey that blends theory with practical application. This exciting programme encourages you to explore London's vibrant culture, communication, innovation and influence within your chosen academic stream through weekly themes, all while fostering your language development, presentation skills and deeper subject understanding. Embrace modern technology and ethical considerations and engage in cross-cultural comparisons within the global student body. Collaboration and mutual support are core to the classroom, creating a dynamic and inspiring learning environment. 

The Facts

Age12-17 (class placement is by age)
Class SizeMaximum 15
English LevelMinimum level B1 on the CEFR
Hours of Learning18 hours (lessons and an academic field trip)

Choose one of the following academic streams each week: 

STEAM - Science, Technology, Arts and Mathematics

The Arts - Literature, Creative Arts, Performing Arts and Music

Social Studies - History, Politics, Business, Sociology, Environmental Studies and Current Affairs


Embark on an exciting adventure with our dynamic STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) programme. Develop your presentation skills, enhance your English language proficiency, and engage in project-based learning around a weekly theme. Our hands-on STEAM projects draw inspiration from London, exploring how the interdisciplinary world of STEAM influences and is influenced by communication, culture, innovation and the Arts.  Join us for an enriching experience. 

The Arts

Experience the ultimate Arts stream, tailored for creativity, where you can dive into the enchanting world of Literature, Creative Arts, Performing Arts and Music, all infused with the magic of a weekly London-themed adventure. Our project-based approach fosters skill development and hands-on learning, allowing you to craft your masterpiece inspired by the heart of London's rich culture and history, its communication, innovation and influence. Unleash your artistic potential.

Social Studies

Engage on a transformative journey in Social Studies, encompassing Sociology, Politics, Business, History and Environmental Studies, all set against the backdrop of a weekly London-theme exploration. Our project-based approach will ignite your curiosity and help you hone essential English and study skills, enabling you to delve into the profound questions in our world and how you can make meaningful contributions to the world around you

Adventurers Day Camp - London Westminster

Adventurers is a high-quality primary day camp for young learners aged 7 to 12. Young learners blossom at Academic Summer; they grow confident and learn about themselves. We celebrate Adventuers' successes, encouraging them to be proud of their achievements. 

The timetable includes English, Applied Maths, Science, Social Studies and Arts; classes are cross-curricular, project-based and centred around a weekly theme. 

Our teachers are experienced primary teachers who know how young learners learn best. Classes are inclusive and nurturing; we want everyone to achieve their Personal Best.

The Facts

Class sizeMaximum 12
Level of EnglishMinimum level A2 on CEFR
Hours of learning15 hours of morning lessons plus afternoon trips

Afternoons: Exploring and Having Fun in London

In the afternoons, our Adventurers will have an exciting adventure in London, exploring the city through engaging trips that bring their morning lessons to life. They also enjoy creative crafts and sports in the park. They will go home really tired after a busy day of lessons, adventure and lots of fun!

Daily Schedule

8.15Adventurers Arrive at DLD College
8.45Lesson 1
10.00Lesson 2
11.15Lesson 3
12.45Chill Out Time and Preparation for Afternoon Trip
13.30Afternoon Trips and Activities
17.30Back to College
18.00Departure of Day Students


Our teaching and learning approach is centred around Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) which gives a holistic approach to learning. Experts have described CLIL as a significant methodological revolution in language teaching. 

According to Coyle (1999), the CLIL curriculum is based on the four Cs: 










  • Enhance your  Content  knowledge in key curriculum topic areas in your chosen subject areas
  • Develop your  Cognition  skills. You'll develop your critical, logical and creative thinking abilities, as well as learn to analyse data, engage in discussions, form your own opinions and collaborate effectively
  • Work on your  Communication  skills. You use language to learn whilst learning to use language. You will learn to give a good presentation and write an extended essay, which is essential whatever you study
  • Understand  Culture  and your role as a global citizen, your beliefs and values enabling you to develop a reflective knowledge base  

You will develop your communicative use of English as an international language and academic language proficiency, whether you are a native or non-native speaker of English.  

Leisure Programme 2024

Leisure Programme 2024

Our London Westminster leisure programme (see schedule) offers an unforgettable summer experience with opportunities to make new friends, develop confidence, and explore London with our camp counsellors. It is designed to be interesting, fun and age appropriate.

On Wednesdays, if you are an Explorers and Engagers you will go on academic field trips related to your chosen academic stream; your teachers lead them, and they are planned to enhance your educational journey. 

London, with its rich history and vibrant culture, serves as the perfect backdrop for your summer adventure. During the week, you'll explore the city's numerous attractions every afternoon. From iconic landmarks to cultural hotspots there is something for everyone, and many places are walkable from DLD College. Our carefully planned itinerary includes visits to famous places such as London Dungeons, Buckingham Palace, a Thames River Cruise, and shopping in Covent Gardens, Harrods and Oxford Street so you can shop until you drop! You'll have a chance to explore charming markets like Borough Market and Notting Hill, as well as trips to museums such as Natural History Museum, Science Museum, Tate Modern and the National Gallery. 

For our boarders, Saturdays are key-marked for a day out of London to explore the ‘real England’ and you will visit some of the most popular tourist destinations. These include Oxford, Cambridge, Hastings and Windsor.  On Sunday it's time to unwind and relax in the heart of London. You can stroll through Hyde Park, shop at Westfield, and enjoy Regent Park and Camden Town. 

We will ensure your summer in London is not just educational but full of fun, exploration and adventure whatever your age.




Age 13-17


Sunday 30 June to Sunday 14 July

Sunday 14 July to Sunday 28 July 

Sunday 28 July to Sunday 11 August


£3,750  / per two-week camp

Includes tuition, teaching materials, accommodation, meals, insurance, airport transfers, trips and activities



Age 7-17



Monday 1 July to Friday 9 August



£875  / per week

Includes Monday to Friday (8.15 to 18.00) - tuition, teaching materials, lunch, trips and activities


What are the payment terms?

An initial payment of £500 should be made to secure your booking, and the final payment is due at least five weeks before your summer camp starts.

Once paid, fees are non-refundable. Please refer to our Term and Conditions for more information.

Are there any extra fees?

Booking Changes: If you find the need to modify your booking, a £50 administrative fee will apply.  

Arrival and Departure Transfers: Our published arrivals and departures are designed to optimise your experience.  Should you arrive or depart outside our advertised transfer window, or to an airport other than Heathrow please be aware that transfer fees will apply as follows:

Luton/Stansted: £260 each way

Eurostar/ Kingscross: £180 each way

City Airport: £140 each way

Gatwick: £220 each way

Heathrow (outside of the transfer window): £190 each way

Arriving or departing directly to campus out of hours/not Sunday: £150

Unaccompanied Minors (arriving/departing outside of our transfer window): £50

Contact our team for more information.

Premium Room Upgrade: You can reserve a premium room for £50 per week.  Please note that availability is limited, and premium rooms are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.  All our rooms are single, ensuite but premium rooms are more spacious.

Laundry Service:  Keep in mind that laundry service is not included in your fees. There are laundry facilities available which you can pay for at the time of use.

Extra nights: £150 (subject to availability, transfer not included).

Weekend trips: £125 (days students or those attending the trip on arrival/departure day)

Mornings only:  It is possible to join us a day student for mornings only. The fees are £575. Fees include morning lessons and lunch. 

How do I Pay?

Once you book a place using our online booking form you will be sent an invoice with various payment options.  Choose the option that works best for you.


TransferMate is free to use with no additional bank charges applied to your transfers.  This service provides competitive currency exchange rates and allows you to pay in your preferred local currency.  Please log in to our portal for more information and to make a payment using TransferMate.


TransferWise is a straightforward method for making international payments while minimising bank charges.  To get started, follow these steps.

  1. Visit
  2. Log in or create a new account
  3. Transfer funds from your bank account or debit/credit card to our designated account.

Bank Transfers 

You can make a bank transfer to us.  You will find our bank details on your invoice. When making any payment please ensure you quote the student's name and/or invoice number as a reference so we can trace your payment.  Please allow for bank charges within your payment.

Credit Card Payments

Credit card payments can be made through our online portal.  Sign into your account and click “checkout” to make the payment.  You can also contact for your unique payment link.


Student Insurance




All our boarding students are covered by student travel insurance offered through Guard Me. This insurance is included in the Academic Summer Camp student fees. It covers students worldwide, except in their country of origin. Therefore, students are not covered under the insurance if they attend our camps in their country of residence. Academic Summer Camps does not provide insurance for day students attending our camps.

The key features of the Guard Me insurance policy are:

Protection against cancellation or curtailment, including visa refusals

Medical expenses: £10,000,000 (public and private treatments and hospitals)

Digital Doctor giving 24/7 medical doctor telephonic and video support

24-hour helpline for medical emergencies

Baggage, personal money and travel documents

Third-party liability: £2,000,000

Cover for medical and quarantine expenses related to Covid-19 if no travel restrictions are in place

No excess

Once the student fees are received, the insurance coverage will commence, and Guard Me will email the insurance certificate to your contact email address. 

This is the link to the insurance information offered by Guard Me.

This is the link to the full policy wording. You can find a summary of the cover and claims contact numbers at the front of the booklet via this link.


How do I book?

Here is your step-by-step guide to making Academic Summer your reality:

  1.  Choose your programme, location and dates that align with your interests and schedule.  Should you have any questions, our friendly admissions team is here to help.
  2. Review the important details:  Take a moment to carefully go through our terms and conditions.  By signing the application form your indicating your agreement. Make sure you understand the programme you are signing up to.
  3. Complete the booking form:  Fill out our user-friendly online booking form, and don't forget to inform us about any medical or dietary concerns we should be aware of.  Safety is our top priority.  When you book a place you will create a log in to our portal where you can go back and add information later. 
  4. Reserve your place:  It's time to make your initial payment of £500 to secure your spot.  This will be offset against your total fees.
  5. Request your visa letter: You can apply for your visa up to three months before the start of the course.  We advise applying as early as possible.  We will supply you with a letter to support your application.
  6. Familiarise yourself with the parental portal:  You can add any extra information about yourself, upload a photograph, and when the time comes, check out the student handbook, view your timetable and read your reports.
  7. Customise your curriculum:  Handpick your workshops or subjects based on your chosen programme.
  8. Book your travel arrangements: Book your flights and add the details to the portal.  We want to make your arrival seamless so please check our requirements for airport transfers before making any arrangements.
  9. The countdown begins:  Five weeks before your course, its time to make your final payment.  We'll email you a reminder!
  10. Take the English assessment: think of this as a friendly quiz to ensure we can communicate effectively and have a fantastic time together.  Our teachers will use the results to plan their lessons with you in mind!
  11. Verify everything:  Log into the your online portal to confirm that you have sent us all the necessary documents and information.  
  12. Pack your bags: Consult our Student Handbook to make sure you've packed everything you need.  And, of course, don't leave home without your sense of adventure!
  13. Bon Voyage!
Airport Transfers

At Academic Summer Camp, we prioritise convenience and comfort for our students.  As part of your all-inclusive package, we provide airport transfers from London Heathrow Airport (LHR) on our published arrival and departure days.  Your flight should arrive or depart between 09.00 and 17.00 on our published arrival and departure days. 

New for this season:
- We've rented a dedicated function suite at Hilton Terminal 4, Heathrow Airport, to streamline your arrival and departure experience.
- Students can enjoy a comfortable waiting area with amenities, including food options and Wi-Fi, ensuring a relaxed start and end to their journey.
- Scheduled transport to ensure that you can seamlessly transition to and from our camps.

London arrival dates:

Sunday 30 June 2024

Sunday 14 July 2024

Sunday 28 July 2024

London departure dates:

Sunday 14 July 2024

Sunday 28 July 2024

Sunday 11 August 2024


Additional Information:
-If you're meeting us at the airport, please come to Hilton Terminal 4, Hounslow, TW6 3AF, for drop-off and pick-up. 

-Should you arrive or depart outside our advertised transfer window or to an airport other than Heathrow, please be aware that transfer fees will apply. 

-Your flight should arrive or depart between 09.00 and 17.00 on our published arrival and departure days.

 -If you arrive at school directly, please arrive between 15.00 and 17.00 on the arrival Sunday.

-If you depart directly from school, please depart before 11.00 on the departure Sunday. 

-On departure day, the final coach for Heathrow will leave the school by 10.30, and students with a later flight will be able to enjoy the amenities at Hilton Terminal 4 until their check-in. 


Arriving at times outside our transfer window

Our published arrivals and departures are designed to optimise your experience.  Should you arrive or depart outside our advertised transfer window, or to an airport other than Heathrow, please be aware that transfer fees will apply as follows:

Luton/Stansted: £260 each way

Eurostar/ Kingscross: £180 each way

City Airport: £140 each way

Gatwick: £220 each way

Heathrow (outside of the transfer window): £190 each way

Arriving or departing directly to campus out of hours/not Sunday: £150

Unaccompanied Minors (arriving/departing outside of our transfer window): £50

Contact our team for more information.

What is the school's address

Academic Summer, DLD College, 199 Westminster Bridge Road, London, SE1 7FX

Visa Information

If you are coming to the UK from another country to participate in our programmes, you may need to obtain a Standard Visitor Visa.  

You can check what type of visa you need here: 

Here's a step-by-step guide on how the admissions and visa process works:

Apply to Academic Summer

Complete a booking form

To secure your please, make an initial payment of £500

Request a Visa Support Letter

Once we receive your initial payment, you can request a visa support letter from us.  We will email this letter to you without charge. If you need an original visa support letter sent by courier (this is not a requirement of UKVA, they will accept electronic format), there will be a charge of £75.

Please carefully review the letter and ensure that all the details and information are correct.

Visa Application

You can check to see if you need a visa to enter the UK here:  

Even if you don't need a visa, you still need to bring the required documents, such as confirmation of your place at Academic Summer and financial evidence to prove you have paid for your course, to show the border officer.

Visa Application Timing

If you do need a visa, you can apply for a Standard Visitor Visa up to three months before your planned travel date to the UK.

Visa processing typically takes about three weeks but you can check the guide processing times for specific information related to your country.  It is best to apply as soon as you can because we cannot refund fees because you do not receive your visa on time.

Visa Support from Academic Summer

Academic Summer is accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC), allowing us to support your visa application.

We provide a visa support letter to international students which you should use when applying for your visa at a Visa Application Centre in your country.

If you are not familiar with the visa application process we strongly advise you enlist the support of an immigration specialist or Education Travel Agent in your country.  Please contact us if you would like us to recommend someone.

For more information on Standard Visitor Visa please visit: 

Long-Term Study in the UK

Please note that Academic Summer is not a Tier 4 Sponsor and cannot issue CAS.

If you plan to study in the UK at a boarding school immediately after your Academic Summer Programme please let us know as you may be able to attend the course using your Tier 4 Child Student Visa sponsored by your future school.

We have many partner schools who can include the Academic Summer programme on your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) as a Pre-Sessional course.  Your Tier 4 Child Student Visa will then be valid for both the Academic Summer course and your full-time studies in the independent boarding school.

Police Registration and BRP Collection

If you come to the UK on a Tier 4 Child Student Visa, you may need to register with the police if it is a visa condition (as indicated on your entry clearance vignette).  Academic Summer staff will assist you with this process. A registration fee will apply.

Those staying in the UK for more than six months will receive a 30 day entry clearance vignette and must collect their Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) upon arrival.  Academic Summer will coordinate with your boarding school to facilitate this process.

For more information on Tier 4 Child Student Visas, please visit: 

What should my English Level be?

Adventurers:  A2

Explorers:  B1

Engagers:  B2


Remember to take your free CLIL test before arrival.  You can log into the Portal for your unique test link.

What course is right for me?

12-year-olds: Adventurers or Explorers

Ask yourself:

Supervision: are you comfortable with your child having some independence, exploring various locations and enjoying free time without constant staff supervision?

Academic Confidence: is your child confident in a classroom setting?

Maturity: are they at ease around older students?

Experience: Are they already at secondary school or still at primary?  Have they been to summer school before?

Engagers or Explorers?

Explorers is specifically designed to engage learners aged 12-14, to get them ready for what is yet to come.

Engagers is for students age 15+.  Whether you are about to start your final year of GCSE or first year of A Levels / IB, then Engagers is the right programme for you.  We extract core topics from the GCSE syllabus to ensure the programme is entirely relevant and stimulating. Having good knowledge in key GCSE topics will help you prepare for A Levels to ensure you have a strong foundation for the next stage. It will also help you to be better prepared for your final year of GCSE. 

What about my free-time?

We always have dedicated staff on duty, ensuring supervision during breaks, in the evenings and on weekends.  Supervision is 24/7.  Students are not allowed out without a member of staff in the evenings. During trips, you will have free time where you will be given space to explore with your camp-mates without staff present.  There will always be a member of staff close by at a designated meeting point who is contactable by phone should you need them.  Adventurers are never left unsupervised. 

What is the nationality mix?

Last year we welcomed students from over 60 different nationalities to our programmes from countries including UK, Italy, France, Switzerland, Ghana, Canada, Japan, China, Ukraine, and many more!



Amelia (15) Belgium quote
Max (16) Germany quote

If you think you are not going to enjoy something, you will love it.  Make friends and meet people from different places.  Everyone is so nice.  People will just come to you and say hi.  You become an extrovert naturally on this camp.  I do not like talking in class, but here I love it a lot.  This camp will change you completely.

Amelia (15) Belgium

In the evening we use the common room to play music, watch a movie and make something to eat and with the views!  It is perfect.  I've learned a lot. Trips are great.  Every day it's something different, a museum or London Eye.  First with your group and then you have free time so you can explore, go shopping and visit coffee shops.

Max (16) Germany


Please complete our online application form. You will receive a confirmation letter and invoice shortly after booking.

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