BAC Inspection Report


During the summer of 2022, in between trips, teaching, and awarding leadership certificates, we had our BAC inspection. 
And now we are excited to share our BAC inspection report 2022 with you. 
We and our participants are already aware that Academic Summer offers high-quality, first-rate programmes, but it is always reassuring to have this validated by a glowing accreditation report. 
We were told, rather unusually, that there were no recommendations for improvement.  With the report noting: 
 “A wide range of mechanisms for obtaining feedback from participants are in place, with stakeholder feedback collected on a regular basis. An action plan is completed as required and is used effectively in the planning of subsequent programmes…. the content and delivery of courses are up to date, regularly reviewed and meet the needs of participants” 
We are thrilled that the inspector recognised Academic Summer's constant self-reflection, listening to our customers, and always looking for ways to improve and meet their needs. 
Kudos was given to our teachers who: 
   “are very well qualified and experienced in their subject areas and deliver interesting and engaging practical and theory lessons that meet the needs of the participants. Highly effective systems are used to monitor participants’ progress and to provide additional support where necessary.” 
Our excellent pastoral support was celebrated with the report commenting: 
 “A highly developed welfare system supports participants effectively throughout their courses and enables them to feel safe and secure at all times. Prompt action is taken to address any participant issues, so contributing to very high levels of participant satisfaction. A comprehensive social programme effectively supports learning and the participant experience.” 
And lastly, if there was ever any doubt about our fabulous facilities the report confirmed: 
The Provider’s premises are of a very high quality and effectively support learning and the participant experience. High-quality boarding accommodation provides excellent recreational facilities and a very secure area in which participants can enjoy their time at the school.” 
We would like to thank all of the students, staff, and participants who contributed to Academic Summer 2022 being one of the best years yet. We couldn't have done it without you! 
If you would like to know more you can read the full report here