Students outside the EU need to appy for a Schengen visa for the summer school.  This visa will permit you to study in the Shengen area for up to 3 months.

How the admissions and visa process works:

  • First you need to apply to Academic Camp here.

  • You need to pay the initial payment of 100CHF in order to secure your place on the course.

  • Once the deposit is received, you should request a visa letter which will then be emailed to you. You will need to check it carefully and let us know if all provided details and information are correct.

  • You should then apply for your Shengen visa, if required (see paragraph below on certain nationalities who do not need to apply in advance.) You can find a copy of the application form here. Please see here for information on how to apply for a Schengen visa.

  • You can apply for your visa up to 3 months before the start of your trip but no later than 15 days before your trip, however, it is recommend that you apply at least 4 weeks before your course commences.

If you are a national of one of the countries listed here( Please see here for a list of countries who will need to apply for a Shengen visa.),   you will need to apply for and receive your visa before you fly to theSwitzerland. If you are a national of a country not on this list you will be able to fly to the Switzerland and be granted this leave on arrival. Please note that you will still need to bring the documents required (visa support letter from academic summer, financial evidence etc.) to show to the border officer if requested.