English Academy for groups

This unique camp is for students 13-16 years old who want an immersive English experience in the heart of London.

Brand new for 2022 and exclusively for groups travelling with leaders, Academic Summer is proud to bring you the English Academy.  Have trust in the same high-quality, innovative teaching programmes at a price and a level that makes Academic Summer accessible for groups who want to improve their English.
Using CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) to develop communicative language skills, this high quality, effective programme will bring English language to life in a way that your students will not have experienced before.  

Students aged 13/14 will join our Explorers programme while those 15+ will join Engagers.
The curriculum is based on the 4 Cs- Content, Culture, Cognition and Communication.
  • enhance content knowledge.  Content will be drawn from current affairs, really bringing lessons to life.
  • understand culture and the role of the global citizen.  We’ll challenge beliefs and values, enabling students to develop a reflective knowledge base
  • develop cognitive skills: critical thinking, logical reasoning, reflection, metacognition and creative thinking skills.
  • work on communication skills in the English language. 
At the English Academy, students feel motivated to learn English because they will be doing something with it rather than dealing with tired phrases and topics that old-fashioned language lessons typically do.  The focus is on language improvement rather than forced learning.  We build up language competency by using it to explore and discuss current affairs, which leads to more natural and sophisticated communicative skills over time.

Benefit from our central London location.  DLD College is within walking distance from many of the city’s major attractions, including the River Thames, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Houses of Parliament, the Southbank, Trafalgar Square, Soho, China Town, Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus, National Gallery, Shakespeare’s Globe, Tower Bridge, London Dungeons, Tate Modern, Imperial War Museum, Oxford Street, Covent Garden and much much more.   The flexibility of the English Academy allows groups to exploit the central London location and explore with their group leader.   Take your groups out and see what the capital city has in store for you.
Please email us at info@academicsummer.co.uk for the London leisure programme 2022.
Included in the standard package:
  • max 20 students per class
  • 17.5 hours of teaching per week
  • 3 half-day trips per week
  • 1 full-day trip per week
  • Airport transfers
  • Single ensuite rooms
  • All meals
  • Insurance
To discuss a custom package for your group, contact your country representative or email info@academicsummer.co.uk.