Adventurers age 7-12

Adventurers is a high-quality primary school course for young learners aged 7 to 12. Adventurers provides a fully integrated summer English language learning course and an academic subject curriculum appropriate for the primary age group. Adventurers offers a wide range of curriculum subjects studied through the medium of English and teaches the English Language according to the can-do principles of the Common European Framework of Reference for LanguagesAdventurers benefit from cross-curricular lessons taught by experienced primary teachers. Students can put their learning into practice and use their strengths in one area to support themselves and others in areas where they are less confident.

The results are truly amazing. Children blossom at Academic Summer; they grow in confidence and learn about themselves: what they want to achieve and what they need to do to reach their goals. 
We celebrate our Adventurers' successes, encouraging them to be proud of their achievements.


This course is for your child if you:

  1. are looking for a well-supervised course aimed at young learners
  2. are seeking a course that offers English and other academic subjects suitable for the primary age group
  3. want your child to have a Harry Potter boarding school experience
  4. are thinking of sending your child to a UK preparatory school but would like to observe how they cope on a short term, non-committal basis.
  5. are looking for a stimulating and enjoyable summer learning experience for your child
  6. want your child to meet and communicate with other children from a wide range of countries and cultures

Our Adventurers programme offers a full curriculum of subjects in classes of up to twelve students.

The medium of instruction is English.  
The timetable typically includes the following subjects:                     This is what the day looks like:

  • English,
  • Mathematics,
  • Science,
  • History,
  • Geography,
  • Religious Education,
  • Technology,
  • Art,
  • Music,
  • Dance and Drama

Lessons are cross-curricular. Your child will study a topic or participate in a project that may include science, mathematics, and G
geography. Your child might be in a history lesson whilst developing their drama, design technology, or even geography skills. They will be taught by experienced primary school teachers who know how children learn best.

Students, from beginners to native speakers of English,  have enjoyed great success in Adventurers due to its inclusive, nurturing, yet challenging nature. 

Personal Best

We see each person as an individual with the potential to develop and to help others grow. We want to help Adventurers to learn how to achieve their personal best.

We encourage students to set targets and keep a diary and folder of their work. Through praise and encouragement, we help our students see how far they have come and how much they can do if they continue to work hard, thus enabling them to succeed in their academic and social lives. 

The Personal Best philosophy is shared by all staff of Academic Summer and Academic Juniors, and as a team, we help students achieve their personal best.


CLIL: Content and Language Integrated Learning

CLIL has been described as "a major methodological revolution"  in language teaching, and at Academic Juniors, we have responded to the changes and challenges of language learning. Students engage in content that interests them, resulting in an unconscious improvement in their language acquisition. We make learning fun and age-appropriate, which gives their learning a sense of purpose and engages them in a way that rote learning and reciting grammar don't allow.


Content and Language Integrated Learning is based on the 4cs:

  • Content - the curriculum subject itself
  • Culture - raising awareness of our culture and the culture of others
  • Cognition - thinking and learning skills
  • Communication - sharing our knowledge with others

At Academic Juniors, you will explore the 4Cs with the guidance of qualified primary school teachers and experienced teachers of English.

The Academic Juniors programme is designed to help students widen their subject knowledge and develop their language skills to enable them to follow a course of academic study delivered in English.  


The full boarding  Adventurers programme is running at Sidcot School near BristolStudents are supervised 24 hours a day by experienced and trained staff.
Adventurers at DLD College London is a day only programme,  ideal for young students who live in London or are holidaying with their parents. Students study 15 hours a week from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 12.15 and then enjoy a leisure activity in the afternoon before going home at 5 pm. We'll take good care of them until you come to collect them at the end of the day.

Bristol: Trips and Activities

Engaged learning continues outside the classroom when our adventurers enjoy fun full-day trips every weekend plus afternoon trips and activities. On the afternoons when we stay on campus, we will be making the most of the school's fantastic facilities- swimming, football, tennis, and basketball. We will do a lot of outdoor learning- honing our survival skills- building campfires, and orienteering. 

We've got many exciting off-campus trips planned:  From Bristol, we will Clip n Climb in Weston Super Mare, crazy golf at the world-famous Cheddar Gorge, explore the caves at Wookey Hole, go tobogganing at Mendip Outdoors and visit SS Great Britain, the ship that changed the world.  

At the weekend, Bristol Adventurers will explore London, visit  Windsor and Oxford, enjoy charming Somerset, and have fun at Splash Down Water Park and Longleat Safari Park.  

Would you like to know what trips we have planned? Contact us at for a detailed schedule.


Bristol: Integration with native speakers

Our Adventurers in Bristol enjoy a close relationship with children from the local holiday club "Shipmates". Shipmates attract local children aged 5-12 during the summer. The two groups enjoy some activities and lessons together.

This is a wonderful opportunity for our young Adventurers to practice speaking English with native speakers and making friends with children from the UK. Our students find that when they are learning and playing alongside English speaking children, they make fast progress without even realising!

Many of the children who attend Shipmates are students at Sidcot School, so for any Adventurers considering Sidcot School, this is an excellent opportunity to meet potential future classmates.


LONDON: Trips every afternoon

Adventurers in London will be able to explore the city every afternoon- Houses of Parliament, Shakespeare's Globe, Tower Bridge, Diana Memorial Playground, Buckingham Palace, Natural History Museum, London Eye and Kidzania are just some of the attractions we will visit. We will get competitive during our sports days in Hyde Park/St James Park before having a traditional afternoon tea.   We will chill out back at school on Thursday afternoons with crafts and activity afternoons.  

Would you like to know what trips we have planned for your stay? Contact us at for a detailed schedule.