Academic Summer Camp is not just about time spent in the classroom but also what you do once the lesson is over.  We want to give you an unforgettable summer bursting with fun and adventure, whilst teaching you skills that you will use for the rest of your life. This is why our leisure programme is packed with unique and interesting trips that will allow you to see England like you've never seen it before.  We will also take you to all of the must-see attractions so you will have plenty to tell your friends back home about.  At Academic Summer, there is never a dull moment. 
Your camps will run from Monday to Thursday, giving you three days at the weekend for full-day excursions. Our three-day weekends will take you to places like London, Bath, and Plymouth. After a busy week of camps, we will treat you to a Thursday night treat away from campus, such as a trip to Taunton, an evening at the movies, a round of golf, or ten-pin bowling. 

No trip to the UK is complete without a visit to London, but at Academic Camp, Taunton, we've taken it a step further by organising an overnight trip to the capital. You'll stay at our London campus in the city centre, where you'll have single ensuite rooms. You will visit world-famous museums, spend a king's ransom in Harrods, admire works of art in the National Gallery, and explore the Southbank, which is home to Shakespeare's Globe, Tate Modern, the London Eye, and Tower Bridge. 
Taunton, North Somerset, is located in an area of outstanding natural beauty, so we will make the most of it. You'll go hiking in Dartmoor's Lynford Gorge, a deep river gorge that has inspired many myths and legends. It was formed by a combination of geology, water power, and climate change, and it will bring your lessons to life as you learn about its formation.  
Devon, a nearby county, has some of the most spectacular beaches in the UK, as well as wildlife initiatives of international significance. When we visit Dawlish Warren and Exmouth, we’ll discover many important conservation projects in addition to a fun day at the beach. 
The area is rich in history, with relics of the past around every corner. You will visit castles and gardens that were once home to the English gentry. Fascinate yourself with the dramatic 20th century Castle Drogo or the exquisite 19th century park land at Knightshayes
Experience real adventure in North Devon where you can try your hand at surfing or how about water sports at Wake Park.  Have fun at the some of the UKs most popular amusement parks including Diggerland and  Thorpe park.    
A trip to the Southwest would be incomplete without a stop in the historical city of Bath. Explore the quaint streets and discover the Roman remains, including the Temple of Sulis Minerva and the infamous baths complex, and you'll feel like you've stepped into a Jane Austin novel. We'll also take you to Exeter, a university city that predates the arrival of the Romans in 50 AD; this vibrant cathedral city has underground passages, a fantastic quayside, and plenty of shops to buy souvenirs. 
Would you like to know what trips we have planned for your dates? Contact us at for a detailed schedule.   


Be a Leader 

As part of your Academic Summer Camp experience, you will participate in our world-class Be a Leader Programme. Whether you are a natural-born leader or someone that prefers to support the team in the background, we will develop your skill set to help you reach your Personal Best. We work together to discover and develop your communication, negotiation, problem-solving and presentation skills. We want you to be happy, confident and able to undertake tasks you never thought yourself capable of doing. When you successfully complete the course, you will even receive  an accredited CPD qualification to show the world your achievements. 
Be a Leader helps you to: 
  •  gain a CPD-accredited qualification
  •  develop your leadership skills, 
  •  challenge you to try something new & put down your mobile device, 
  •  grow in confidence,
  • improve your communication skills,
  • have fun & have new experiences, 
  • make friends from over the world & get to know your camp counsellors. 
Be a Leader allows you to develop your leadership skills in a safe, fun and stimulating environment. The 10-hour course is spread across the 2-week camp and covers vital skills required of a good team player or leader.   
Every morning in assembly you will learn a new skill that you'll be expected to practice using throughout the day.  What’s the difference between flexibility and adaptability, how can empathy help you to get ahead, and what personal skills do you need to be an influential person? 
Every week you will Meet a Leader, highly successful people from various industries will come to talk to you about their personal experiences in reaching the top.  Last year we were privileged to welcome the Premier League's only lead female coach, a CEO from a multi-national company, a Principal from a leading international school, to name a few. 
Be a Leader will help you understand yourself,  your skills, strengths and weaknesses.  You’ll do a series of tests which will shine a light on your true potential and help you to make better, well-informed decisions about your future.    
The best way to learn is through doing, so you’ll participate in entertaining workshops which tie into everything you’ve learnt throughout the week.   Put your learning into practice by organising and running a charity event or design and pitch a product to investors.  It will be like participating in the Apprentice for real and you’ll get a certificate to prove it!