Engagers age 15-16

Join our Engagers camp if you are 15-16 years old and start preparing for your future. You have reached a point in your life where you are ready to take charge, make decisions, and delve deeper into your areas of interest. You know what you want, so let's work together to get it. You will learn how to participate in the subjects, develop your critical thinking skills, and become more self-sufficient in your learning. 
You will explore a variety of camps and workshops, and discover skills you didn't know you had.  Your studies will involve 30 hours of inspiring learning per week.  From Monday- Thursday, you'll have a 3-hour camp in the morning and another 3-hour camp in the afternoon. 
This summer we will be running English workshops, design & technology, writing workshops, food & nutrition, presentation, interview & public speaking, arts and crafts, applied maths, entrepreneurship, robotics, performing arts, art portfolio workshop, IT skills for study or science workshops: 
In the evenings you'll participate in  Be a leader accredited programme before relaxing and recharging with some traditional and not-so-traditional camp activities. 
Here's an example of what you can expect in our camps: 

Here are the camps on offer this summer: 

Presentation, interview and public speaking. 

Presentation, interview and public speaking will empower you with effective communication and teamwork skills. Using activities, mock-ups and practice, you will learn how to communicate effectively, speak strategically and charismatically, create persuasive arguments, express ideas eloquently, and consider aspects and perspectives that you may not have considered previously. By the end of the course, you will improve your research skills, innovative ability, and critical thinking skills, as well as your capacity to collaborate and respect other people's opinions. Most importantly though you will discover that presentations, interviews and public speaking can be fun!  

Multi-sports Camp  

If you want to improve your fitness levels in any sport, such as swimming, soccer, cricket, basketball, tennis, or badminton, a multi-sport camp is for you. Sports can help you perform better in school, relax more and worry less, deal with setbacks, work better with others, boost self-esteem, and increase your energy — all of which can help you regain balance.  At multi-sport camp, you will learn how to focus, organise your time, set goals, strengthen friendships, and boost team spirit. 

Entrepreneurship Camp 

What should you keep in mind when starting a new business? How do you prepare a business plan and ensure that your customers - both external and internal - understand you and that you understand their needs, while also exploring ways to watch your competition? At Entrepreneurship Camp, we will investigate the process of launching a new product and the major issues associated with it, as well as dipping our toes into marketing strategy and the various tools - digital and traditional - to use to communicate your products/services to your target audience in the most profitable way.   

STEM camp 

STEM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) is an excellent subject choice for students who are interested in learning about how the world works. This camp is ideal if you are a budding structural engineer, a software designer, or simply want to learn more about the fascinating and diverse area of STEM. Enjoy scientific disciplines while gaining practical study experience through experimentation, hands-on learning, and physical problem-solving. Not only will you gain subject knowledge, but you will also gain an understanding of the tech world and how STEM subjects translate into exciting  careers. AI, programming, robotics, mathematical principles, technical drawing, engineering solutions, architecture, mechanics, and many other topics are covered. 

English workshop

Enhance your communication, teamwork, and creative abilities. The English workshop will assist students of all proficiency levels in improving their English skills. Dynamic, interactive, and engaging lessons will improve your communication skills and prepare them for any situation.

Design and Technology

The Design & Technology camp provides you with the opportunity to try something new and create something you can be proud of, ranging from graphics to woodwork, metal work to product design.

Writing Workshop

Immerse yourself in a creative and inspiring writing environment where you can create a masterpiece.  Learn how to create a well-planned, structured and well-written piece in a variety of genres and mediums. Gain practical hands-on experience and learn from the experts.

Food and Nutrition

Nutritional knowledge and conscious access improve cognition, concentration, and energy levels. The Food and Nutrition camp will help you understand the role of nutrition in health and wellness. You will become an expert through theory and interactive hands-on activities.

Art and Design

Art is an important part of education as well as self-expression. Art experiences foster the development of many life skills, such as cognitive, social, and perception skills, memory, self-awareness, confidence, problem-solving, perseverance, focus, collaboration, sensitivity, and dedication. Begin large-scale 360-degree projects and experiment with different mediums such as textiles, sketching, 3D, and painting. Real artists and art gallery visits will also inspire you to reach new creative heights.

Applied Maths

Learn more about how mathematics shapes our world by studying statistics and probability, ratios and context, language, arithmetic and geographical sequencing, and trigonometry. Real-world research and data analysis will help you improve your mathematical dexterity, teamwork, and communication skills.


Enter the amazing world of technology. Design, build, and cultivate your innovative ideas, curiosity, creativity, and imagination through hands-on engagement. Sink your teeth into exciting projects, work on your designs, and bring them to life with the help of experienced teachers and guest speakers.


Have a memorable and enjoyable holiday. Put your phone down and try something new! Activities include bushcraft, climbing, archery, kayaking, and orienteering. By overcoming challenges and sharing decisions, you will develop technical, intellectual, and social skills, as well as a sense of determination that will give you confidence and a desire to succeed. The world is your oyster!

Performing arts              

Immerse your artistic and creative side in dance, drama, and music. This camp is ideal if you are interested in the various aspects of arts performance, such as acting, dancing, and singing, as well as stage design, composition, and group performance. The camp provides you with a creative outlet to explore your bodily movement and emotions, as well as to expand your imagination and develop your sense of self-expression. It's an unbeatable opportunity to hone your performance skills while broadening your academic horizons.


Dance is a great way to stay active, increase movement competence and improve learning capacity. Through the dance workshop at Academic Camp you will learn dance genres, styles and traditions practised around the world, experience creative dance and learn about choreography and composition It's a fantastic way to meet new people, form strong bonds, and gain trust and confidence in yourself and others.

Art portfolio

The creation of a portfolio that demonstrates development across various mediums is an important component of the Art A Level. Many international students have a natural talent for art, but they will struggle with the technical elements required for A Level success because they have not completed the GCSE. Our portfolio course is highly recommended for all students who have not completed GCSE but wish to pursue A Level; it can mean the difference between an A*, an A, and a lower grade. Begin the school year on a high note, fully prepared for the challenges that await.

IT skills for study

This fully immersive course will give you the time and space to delve deeply into and truly become a competent user of IT for academic and, eventually, workplace purposes. Learning to use technology effectively can reduce stress and allow you to make better use of your time throughout the academic year. Guest speakers will demonstrate how the computer can assist you in learning in unexpected ways.


Investigate the world around us by studying a range of topics from biology, chemistry and physics.  Activities comprise both: theory and practical work, giving you the opportunity to work as real scientists.
Contact us for more detailed curriculums: info@academiccamp.co.uk