Boarding School Preparation

Heading off to boarding school this September and looking for a summer camp until 3rd September and beyond? 
Get a head start and fully prepare for the year ahead. Come to Academic Summer, Taunton and immerse yourself in boarding school life. 
With dropout rates for international students riding high, we want to make your transition into boarding school as smooth as possible. The combination of culture and learning shock, as well as a lack of preparation, can make the first few weeks of term unbearable leading some students to underperform. Academic Summer will prime you for your new life and get you ready for boarding school. Our friendly and emphatic staff understand the pressures you're under and can work with you to ensure you're prepared for the exciting challenges ahead. 
We'll help you
  • gain confidence and
  • provide valuable insight into boarding school life,
  • be prepared to participate in classes,
  • complete assignments and research projects,
  • write quality academic papers,
  • make friends and
  • participate in extracurricular activities,
  • make the most of your investment in your education and life.
If you intend to attend Queen's College, Taunton, that is even better because we will assist you in getting to know the school.  
We have several workshops at Academic Summer, Taunton, aimed at getting students ready for boarding school. We have extensive experience working with boarding schools and have a thorough understanding of what schools expect from their students as well as the skills they must develop to succeed and fit in. On the other hand, we consider what international students are going through when they first arrive in their unfamiliar environment. We understand culture shock, learning shock, the academic requirements and the differing language skills required to successfully manoeuvre through school life both socially and academically.  CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) is still at the heart of everything we do. 
We’ve put on a variety of workshops which are going to be hugely beneficial to anyone heading to an international/British classroom this Autumn:  

Art portfolio lessons

Many international students have a natural talent for art, but because they have not completed the GCSE, they will struggle with the technical elements required for A Level success. Our portfolio course is strongly recommended for all students who have not completed GCSE but want to pursue A Level; it can mean the difference between an A*, an A, and a lower grade. 

IT skills for study

Investigate and become an expert in the use of information technology for academic purposes. Learning to use technology effectively can help you reduce stress and make better use of your time throughout the school year. 


Investigate your surroundings by studying topics such as biology, chemistry, and physics. Activities include both theory and practical work, allowing you to work as real scientists and learn how to approach scientific learning in the British classroom. 

Applied Maths

Applied maths, which is becoming increasingly important in the IB (International Bachelorette) curriculum, is all about learning how mathematics shapes our world by studying statistics and probability, ratios and context, language, arithmetic and geographical sequencing, and trigonometry. Real-world data analysis and research will help you improve your mathematical dexterity, teamwork, and communication abilities. 

Presentation, Interview and Public Speaking

It is critical in the UK classroom to be able to express oneself verbally. This workshop will help you improve your communication and teamwork skills. You will learn how to communicate effectively, speak strategically and charismatically, create persuasive arguments, express ideas eloquently, and consider aspects and perspectives that you may not have considered previously through activities, mock-ups, and practise. You will have improved your research skills, innovative ability, and critical thinking skills by the end of the course, as well as your ability to collaborate and respect other people's opinions. 


Improve your communication, teamwork, and creativity skills. Lessons that are dynamic, interactive, engaging  and will prepare you for any situation. 


Learn how to write a well-structured, well-planned piece in a variety of genres and mediums. Writing cohesively is a skill that is required in all academic disciplines, from art to science. 
In addition to the workshops, you will participate in trips and the accredited  Be a Leader programme. Whether you are a natural-born leader or someone that prefers to support the team in the background, we will develop your skill set to help you reach your Personal Best. We work together to discover and develop your communication, negotiation, problem-solving and presentation skill. This is going to be an invaluable aid when you start boarding school. 


How much per week? 

Our regular fees 1450 GBP per week.

Living Learning English 

Continue your safe and secure learning experience with Living Learning English (LLE) after Academic Summer concludes on August 27th. We have collaborated with LLE to ensure that you have a smooth transition between the end of Academic Summer and the start of term at your new school. 
For one week, you’ll be welcomed into your warm friendly, teacher’s home and treated as part of the family. You'll be able continue to improve your English and learn about British culture. We'll even send your summer reports to your new host family, so they know what you need to work on, and you'll get one-on-one tutoring to help you get where you need to go. The programme is tailored to your specific requirements, Your personal teacher will conduct ongoing conversation classes throughout the day, plus your exclusive package will include fun and interesting visits and activities tailored to your interests.  
Professional teachers are carefully selected and vetted by the LLE team; they use the most up-to-date language learning materials, methods, and technologies to ensure a productive, effective, and dynamic learning experience. By speaking only English every day, you can expect to make rapid progress. Your teacher, along with their family, will ensure that you are using the correct words to perfect your daily interactions with your new classmates.  Perfect natural dialogue with native speakers. 
2 - 1 is also an option. So, if you prefer to share your experience with another international student, we can arrange it. Indicate your preference on the booking form. 
When the summer ends and it is time for you to go to school, we can help arrange your onward travel*  
Begin the school year on a high note, fully prepared for the challenges that await. 
To book, simply head over to our booking form and select the weeks at Academic Summer, Taunton plus “extended week”.  It’s that simple! We will make the arrangements with Living Learning English and coordinate everything. The extended course will run from 27th August to 3rd September but if but if this does not coincide with your school's term dates, you can book additional nights. Just let us know. 
Here’s a remember of why you should join Get Ready for Boarding school: 
  • Boarding school socialisation 
  • Academic preparation 
  • Overcome culture and learning shock many international students experience 
  • Academic and situation English preparation
  • Individual bespoke tuition during the Extended Week
  • Continue learning even when Academic Summer is over.
  • No need to travel home between Academic Summer and the start of term 
  • End-of-course assessment with full report and recommendations for future. 
Even if you're not planning to go to boarding school this September why not come anyway and see if it’s something you might like to do in the future. You might also find this guide on how to choose the right boarding school helpful. 
*Extra fees will apply.