Boarding School Preparation

Heading off to boarding school this September and looking for a summer camp until 3rd September and beyond? 

  • Join us this summer, get a head start, and fully prepare for the year ahead 
  • Immerse yourself in boarding school life
  • If you are attending Queen's College, Taunton, that is even better because you will get to know the school, which will give you a confident start in September
With dropout rates for international students riding high, we want to make your transition into boarding school as smooth as possible. The combination of culture, learning shock, and a lack of preparation can make the first few weeks of term difficult, leading some students to underperform. Academic Summer gets you ready for your new life in a boarding school. Our friendly and emphatic staff understand your pressures and can work with you to ensure you're prepared for the exciting challenges ahead, make the most of your time in the UK, and, most importantly, succeed.

We'll help you

  • build your confidence 
  • get an insight into boarding school life
  • make progress with your language skills
  • build good foundations in your subject areas
  • complete assignments and research projects
  • write quality academic essays
  • give good presentations
  • make friends from all over the world
  • participate in extracurricular activities
  • make the most of your education investment

How do we prepare you?

  • We have several focused workshops to help you prepare for boarding school and fill in some gaps
  • We have extensive experience working with boarding schools. We understand what schools expect from their students and the skills they must develop to succeed and fit in. Our camp is designed with this in mind
  • We understand and consider what international students are going through when they first arrive in their unfamiliar environment. We care and want to help you
  • We know the academic requirements and the different language skills required to successfully manoeuvre socially and academically through school life. Your teachers focus on what you need 
  • CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) is still at the heart of everything we do 
See the following link for our camps on office this summer.



Living Learning English

Continue your learning experience with Living Learning English (LLE) after Academic Summer concludes on August 27th. We have collaborated with LLE to ensure a smooth transition between the end of Academic Summer and the start of the term at your new school. 

You’ll be welcomed into your warm, friendly teacher’s home and treated as part of the family. You'll be able to continue to improve your English and learn about British culture. We'll even send your summer reports to your new host family so they know what you need to work on, and you'll get one-on-one tutoring to help you get where you need to be. The programme is tailored to your specific requirements. Your personal and experienced teacher will conduct ongoing conversation classes throughout the day, plus your exclusive package will include fun and exciting visits and activities tailored to your interests.  

2 - 1 is also an option. So, if you prefer to share your experience with another international student, we can arrange it. Please indicate your preference on the booking form. 

Read what past students have to say about LLE.  

To book, head to our booking form and select the weeks at Academic Summer, Taunton plus “extended week”.  It’s that simple! We will make the arrangements with Living Learning English and coordinate everything. You don't need to make two bookings. The extended course will run from 27th August to 3rd September, but if this does not coincide with your school's term dates, you can book additional nights. Just let us know. 

Here’s a remember of why you should join Get Ready for Boarding school: 

  • Boarding school socialisation 
  • Academic preparation 
  • Overcome culture and learning shock many international students experience 
  • Academic and situation English preparation
  • Individual bespoke tuition during the Extended Week
  • No need to travel home between Academic Summer and the start of the term 
  • Begin the school year on a high note, fully prepared for the challenges that await
  • End-of-course assessment with full report and recommendations for future
Even if you're not planning to go to boarding school this September, why not come anyway and see if it’s something you might like to do in the future? You might also find this guide on how to choose the right boarding school helpful.  There is plenty of learning and fun for everyone.