Adventurers age 7-12

Academic Camp likes to unlock the power of joyful learning in our young learners, where progress is effortless and exhilarating. We want the children who join us to be captivated by their educational journey. Fuelled by their boundless curiosity, we encourage them to seek new experiences and grow in confidence.  We foster a supportive and nurturing environment that ignites their desire for exploration, making learning an adventure.  We want every moment to be a stepping stone towards their Personal Best, and we will celebrate their achievements and successes. 

Academic Summer Camp is for you if you:  

  • want to provide your child with a stimulating and enjoyable summer learning experience  
  • are keen for your child to meet and communicate with children from all over the world
  • ​are looking for a well-supervised, academic-focused camp for young learners in the holidays


The camps on offer in the summer of 2024


Adventure / Outdoor Leaders

Our young learners experience the great outdoors. They participate in team multi-sports, bushcraft, climbing, archery and orienteering activities. They develop their creative thinking, problem-solving, independence, communication and teamwork skills through games and play.  It’s all about enjoyment, positive challenges and the spirit of play.

Arts and crafts

Art helps children communicate visually about how they see and experience the world and how they feel about it. It gives children the freedom to create something unique, developing the skills like creativity, innovation, and imagination. They experiment with mediums such as watercolours, chalks, acrylic and pastels and explore various forms like drawing, painting, drawing, illustration, tie dye, sculpture, recycled art, crafting and pop art. 


Our design and technology camp encourages our young learners to be creative and resourceful and understand technology's impact.  Curiosity and imagination are at the core of activities at a young age. They make products not only to echo reality but rather to make the impossible possible and present their inspiring imaginative ideas to the class. Our design and technology camp combines with the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) subjects.

Food and Nutrition

Join us at our Food and Nutrition Camp, designed for young food enthusiasts! Get ready to tantalize your taste buds and unleash your culinary creativity. This exciting culinary journey not only focuses on the joy of well-being but also delves into the world of healthy eating habits, crafting scrumptious dishes, unravelling the science of cooking and mastering the art of baking.  Campers will embark on a flavourful adventure as they explore different cuisines, delve into culinary traditions worldwide, and even participate in friendly cooking competitions to showcase their newfound culinary skills. It's a week-long celebration of savouring and sizzling, where every bite brings together food, fun, and friendship.

Performing arts

Adventurers can explore their artistic and creative side, immersing in dance, drama, and music.  We will provide them tools to think and act creatively, explore their body and emotions, boost their imagination and confidence and develop their unique self-expression voice. Our engaging activities encourage them to appreciate diverse cultures, make friendships, and develop collaboration and teamwork skills.