Be a Leader

Be a Leader is an exciting part of Academic Summer and complements our academic nature. Be a Leader allows you to develop your leadership and teamwork skills in a safe, fun and stimulating environment. It brings academics and leisure together on the camp. The 10-hour course is spread across your two-week camp, and you will explore vital skills required of a good team leader with your teachers and camp counsellors. 

Be a Leader leads to a CPD qualification, and you will be awarded a certificate to take home with you, which you can add to your CV. CPD stands for Continuous Professional Development and is a prestigious accreditation confirming our quality commitment. 

Every week you will meet a leader; these are highly successful people from various industries who come to talk to you about their personal experiences in reaching the top. They will inspire you and help you dream about what is possible. 

The course helps you better understand yourself, your skills, strengths and weaknesses. You will do a series of tests to shine a light on your true potential and help you make better, well-informed decisions about your future. The psychometric and subject and career matching assessments will lead to a My Future Choice report to take home and explore more through the online resources you can access even after your camp ends. 
You explore daily leadership skills like communication, negotiation, problem-solving, change management, influence, delegation, or soft skills, like active listening, effective speaking, relationships, confidence, and others. We introduce a skill each day in the morning assembly. Boosted with the knowledge from the assembly and the daily skill in your mind, you continue the skill development and practice throughout the day with your teachers and camp counsellors.

You participate in entertaining workshops, charity events and team-building activities, explore London, and visit some of the most popular tourist destinations in the area. You will see the best parts of your location and gain first-hand experience of living in the Capital and communicating with your peers and people you meet. We want you to have a fantastic London experience.

Be a Leader has been developed by, and is unique to, Academic Summer, giving you the opportunity to study a range of subjects in English and enabling you to challenge yourself and go home with a leadership qualification and a careers report. You learn essential skills to shape and reach for your future and achieve your Personal Best.  

In summary, Be a Leader: 

  • leads to a CPD-accredited qualification
  • gives you a MyFirstChoice (age 11 to 13) / MyCareerChoice (age 14-18) report
  • develops your leadership and team-building skills
  • helps you find out more about yourself
  • enables you to meet real leaders from the UK who can inspire you
  • challenges you and gives you new experiences
  • is fun
  • allows you to make friends from over the world and build your network