Explorers age 13-14

As an Explorer, you are at the stage when you are ready to explore and discover, to try new things, and are beginning to think more seriously about your future. You will study a range of different subjects and we will help you develop your communication and language skills. 

Lessons are based broadly on the IGCSE/GCSE curriculum and cover a wide range of subjects, including:

  • English
  • applied mathematics
  • sciences
  • social studies
  • IT
  • business 
  • arts

Explorer classes offer excellent preparation for IGCSE/GCSE, Middle Years Programme (MYP) or equivalent programme (years 9 and 10 in UK System). You will learn invaluable study skills to help you in your academic career whilst being introduced to different learning styles. You'll be taught by inspiring and experienced subject teachers.
We take a cross-curricular approach to make learning fun and interesting, so lessons involve a mixture of theory and practical work. For example, in science, you will do some practical experiments in the laboratories, which will really bring the theory to life. You will also develop your IT skills, research and study skills, and learn how to give effective presentations. 

The facts

Age: 12 - 14
Class size: Maximum 15
Medium of instruction: English
The minimum level of English: B1
Hours of learning: 27 hours of learning including lessons, assembly and Be a Leader

Explorers sample schedule London