Engagers age 15-17

Experience an exhilarating immersion into your subjects, engage more deeply and focus on what captivates your interest the most. You know what you want to study and you are in years 11,12 or 13 in the UK system or equivalent in your country.   

As an Engager you choose your subjects prior to your arrival and we will craft a personalised timetable tailored to your preferences and needs. Whether you're preparing for A Level / IB, looking for a challenging academic camp or starting to look to your university career, this course is the ideal pathway to success and will help you prepare for your future. 


Engager subjects offered in summer 2023

  • Applied mathematics  
  • Art  
  • Biology  
  • Chemistry  
  • Drama & music
  • Economics business & entrepreneurship  
  • English  
  • Environmental systems & societies  
  • Essay writing  
  • History & politics  
  • Literature  
  • Media studies  
  • Physics  
  • Presentations & interviews  
  • Psychology  
  • Theory of knowledge 

You will study four subjects per week, but we ask you to choose at least eight, so we can make sure you are always in a class that interests YOU. 

Subjects offered depend on students' choices, so not every subject is available every week. We make every effort to give YOU, your first choices and we understand this is important to you.

In your lessons, you will: 
  • improve your study skills 
  • experience the practical nature of the subject as well as the theory
  • explore a range of different media and materials 
  • enjoy using modern technology and consider the ethics around it
  • explore a variety of cultures and different beliefs
  • explore subjects in the context of their locality and compare them with your countries
  • work together to help one another understand challenging concepts and functions

The facts 

Age: 15+
Class size: maximum 15
Medium of instruction: English
The minimum level of English: B2
Hours of learning: 27 hours of learning including lessons, assembly and Be a Leader

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