Explorers & Engagers age 13-17

Experience an exhilarating immersion into your academic stream, engage more deeply and focus on what captivates your interest the most

Explore and engage in key GCSE curriculum areas as you prepare for your future studies and delve deeper into your chosen academic subjects to help you prepare for your future studies.

Choose one of the following academic streams each week:
  • The Arts
  • Social Studies

Each stream will include:
  • 18 hours of learning involving practical application and a field trip each week
  • a project-based project around a weekly London theme
  • language progress using CLIL methodology 
  • presentation and study skill development



Join our dynamic STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) stream and embark on an exciting journey. Develop your presentation skills, enhance English language proficiency, and engage in project-based learning, all within the captivating theme of London. Our teachers will help you master the art of public speaking, elevate your English language skills, and guide you through hands-on STEAM projects inspired by London.  Immerse yourself in the world of STEAM and London.

The Arts

Experience the ultimate Arts stream, tailored for creativity, where you can dive into the enchanting world of literature, creative arts, performing arts and music, all infused with the magic of a weekly London-themed adventure. Our project-based approach fosters skill development and hands-on learning, allowing you to craft your masterpiece inspired by the heart of London's rich culture and history. Unleash your artistic potential. 

Social Studies

Engage on a transformative journey in Social Sciences, encompassing sociology, politics, history and environmental studies, all set against the backdrop of a captivating weekly London-themed exploration. Our project-based approach will ignite your curiosity and help you hone essential English and study skills, enabling you to delve into profound questions in our world and how you can make meaningful contributions to the world around you.

In your lessons, you will: 
  • experience the practical nature of the subject as well as the theory
  • explore a range of different media and materials 
  • enjoy using modern technology and consider the ethics around it
  • explore subjects in the context of London and compare them with your cultures
  • work together to help one another understand challenging concepts and functions

The facts 

Age: 13+ (you will be placed in your class by age)
Class size: maximum 15
Medium of instruction: English
The minimum level of English: B1
Hours of learning: 18 hours of learning, including lessons, assembly and an academic field trip