Engagers age 15-17

Take an exciting dive into A Levels/IB in the subjects YOU want to study with 27 hours of study per week. We offer Engagers an extensive range of academic subjects - any subject, any combination. Select your subjects before arrival, and we will write your individual timetable. This is the perfect course to prepare you for the A-Levels/IB in year 11 or 12 or if you are in year 13 and you want to get ready for your final exams. 
Chose from the following: 
  • Applied Mathematics  
  • Art  
  • Biology  
  • Chemistry  
  • Economics business and entrepreneurship  
  • English  
  • Environmental systems and societies  
  • Essay Writing  
  • History and Politics  
  • Literature  
  • Media Studies  
  • Physics  
  • Presentation and Interviews  
  • Psychology  
  • Social studies  
  • Theory of knowledge 
You will study 4 subjects per week, but we ask you to choose at least 8, so we can make sure you are always in a class that interests YOU. 
In your lessons, you will: 
  • improve your study skills 
  • experience the practical nature of the subject 
  • explore a range of different media and materials 
  • enjoy using modern technology
  • explore a variety of cultures
  • explore subjects in the context of their locality 
  • work together to help one another understand challenging concepts and functions. 
 International students should have at least a B2 level of English on the Common European Framework. 
If you want to see the full curriculum, please email us: info@academiccamp.co.uk

Subjects offered depend on students' choices, so not every subject is available every week. We make every effort to give students their first choices.   

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Learning in London is combined with our accredited Be a leader programme & everyday half-day trips from Monday to Friday and two full-day trips on Saturdays and Sundays.


Content Language and Integrated Learning: CLIL 


At Academic Summer, we embrace Content Language and Integrated Learning - CLIL. Described as "a major methodological revolution" in language teaching,  CLIL means learning another (content) subject such as physics or geography through English or another Foreign Language. In our lessons, you will use your knowledge of the subject(s) to create a learning frame to improve your English. We guarantee you will feel happier due to recognising some of the subject content without needing a complete understanding of English. You'll be surprised at how much you understand! 
At Academic Summer, English becomes the means of learning content. The focus is on language improvement rather than enforced learning, so you'll build up language competency by using it to explore and discuss curriculum topics, leading to more natural and sophisticated communicative skills over time. You will become academically proficient in a language because CLIL focuses on fluency rather than accuracy, treating errors as a natural part of language learning. 
CLIL helps with: 
  • Improving overall and specific language competence. 
  • Preparing for future studies and/or working life.
  • Developing different interests and attitudes.
  • Diversifying methods & forms of classroom teaching and learning.
  • Increasing learner motivation.
  • Integrating language into the broader curriculum. 
  • Academic language proficiency  
  • Introducing a broader cultural context to content lessons 
Conversely,  CLIL can increase your motivation to learn the subjects by enabling you to progress more quickly and solidly than you would with deliberately separated subjects. Allowing two subjects to paint a broader picture of reality is a great advantage of Academic Summer's methodology. We ensure that the content-specific subject is the primary objective and that the linguistic goals are secondary – this provides consistency and sturdy scaffolding on which to build linguistic progress.