Trips & activities & Be a Leader

You are going see the UK through the eyes of a local and enjoy two full-day excursions every weekend plus two afternoon trips per week
There’s so much to do in the fashionable and free-spirited city of Bristol. It’s no surprise that Banksy started life here with a can of spray paint.  Take the acclaimed Banksy walking tour and discover some of the artist’s early work.  Then there is the Clifton Suspension Bridge -a turning point in engineering that symbolises the city’s independent personality.  Step back in time on SS Great Britiain, the world’s largest passenger ship between 1845 and1854. Don’t worry, if shopping is your thing, there will be ample opportunity to visit the illustrious Cabot Circus so you can shop till you drop! 
Sidcot is located in an area of outstanding natural beauty so of course we are going to make the most of that.  You’ll go hiking and caving in Cheddar Gorge, a national heritage site where the famous cheese is produced.  Your Geography lessons will be brought to life when you observe the fascinating landscape and learn about its formation.   
You’ll experience real adventure at Mendip Hills where your physical skills will be pushed to the limit with rock-climbing, caving, paddleboarding, kayaking and outdoor survival.  

Weekend full day trips  

No trip to the UK is complete without a visit to London.  This is why we go to the capital every other weekend so regardless of your dates you’ll be guaranteed a visit.   You see the world-famous museums, spend a king’s ransom in Harrods, admire the works of art in the National Gallery and explore the Southbank- home to Shakespeare’s Globe, Tate Modern, London Eye and Tower Bridge. 

Alternative weekend trips include a trip to the charming university city of Oxford where you’ll rub shoulders with some of the biggest thinkers in the world.  See for yourself if you want to study there in the future.    

Step into a Jane Austin novel when you visit the historical city of Bath and discover the Roman remains including the Temple of Sulis Minerva and the infamous baths complex.   
Or why not see if King Charles III is home when you visit Windsor- full mast means he’s home, half-mast means he out, or something sad/bad has happened.  
You will be able to enjoy a fossil hunt in the charming town of Lyme Regis on the Jurassic Coast and indulge in some real adventure and  fun-fuelled times at Thorpe park, clip n climb and Dorset Adventure Park


Would you like to know what trips we have planned for your dates? Contact us at for a detailed schedule.  


In Bristol, our elective afternoons allow you to choose your favourite activities, so you are only ever doing something that excites you.  
  • Arts (arts and crafts, drama and performing arts) 
  • Outdoor learning  (gain essential knowledge about outdoor survival. Build a fire and cook on it.  Forage flora and fauna) 
  • Sports (athletics, tennis, football, basketball, ultimate frisbee and much more.  Improve you athletic ability and fitness whilst having fun. 
  • Horse-riding (suitable for complete beginners or experienced riders.  There is a perfect horse for everyone! (extra fees incurred).  

    Elective choices are subject to availability and student demand and cannot be guaranteed. 
 HORSE-RIDING elective* (3x per week) 
  • Large indoor arena, 
  • Outdoor arena,
  • Over 100 acres with a cross country course and show jumping course, 
  • 13 horses on-site 
  • several riding instructors 
  • ​​BHS approved and British Eventing registered. 
The price per session is 55 GBP. Please get in touch with us for more information.  

Be a Leader 

You’ll participate in our world-class  Be a Leader Programme as part of your Academic Summer experience. Whether you are a natural-born leader or someone that prefers to support the team in the background, we will develop your skill set to help you reach your Personal Best. We work together to discover and develop your communication, negotiation, problem-solving and presentation skills. We want you to be happy, confident and able to undertake tasks you never thought yourself capable of.  To top it off - you will receive  an accredited CPD qualification to show the world your achievements. 
Be a Leader helps you to: 
  •  gain a CPD accredited qualification, 
  •  develop your leadership skills, 
  •  challenge you to put down your device and try something new 
  •  grow in confidence, 
  •  improve your communication, negotiation, problem-solving and presentation skills,
  • have fun & new experiences, 
  • make friends from over the world 
You’ll complete the  20-hour, accredited course over 2 weeks, covering vital skills needed to be a leader and a valuable team player.  Every morning you’ll learn a new skill in assembly and practice using it throughout the day.  What’s the difference between flexibility and adaptability, how can empathy help you to get ahead, and what personal skills do you need to be an influential person? 
Every week you will Meet a Leader, highly successful people from various industries will come to talk to you about their personal experiences in reaching the top.  Last year we were privileged to welcome the Premier League's only lead female coach, a CEO from a multi-national company, a Principal from a leading international school, to name a few. 
Be a Leader will help you understand yourself,  your skills, strengths and weaknesses.  You’ll do a series of tests which will shine a light on your true potential and help you to make better, well-informed decisions about your future.    
The best way to learn is through doing, so you’ll participate in entertaining workshops which tie in to everything you’ve learnt throughout the week.   Put your learning into practice by organising and running a charity event or design and pitch a product to investors.  It will be like participating in the Apprentice for real and you’ll get a certificate to prove it! 
Be a leader perfectly complements Academic Summer’s unique learning programme designed for students aged 12-14 and 15-17 .   We combine a colourful array of academic learning, leadership, exciting trips and elective activities to make the summer perfect. 
If you would like to know exactly what trips are planned during the weeks you want to join us, contact us on for a detailed schedule.