Academic Summer Camp
Learn, Inspire & Explore

Study subjects in English - Challenge yourself - Try something new - Reach your personal best

  • Live and study in the centre of London or experience life at a traditional British boarding school
  • Explore the UK's most famous sites - Buckingham Palace, Oxford, Cambridge, Windsor,...
  • Discover the UK’s hidden secrets - Bank of England, Wells cathedral, Mendip hills,...
  • Learn from world class teachers 
  • Prepare for your future & make life long friends from around the world 
  • Have the summer of your life! 



Academic Subjects: Computer Science

Are you keen on programming, robotics and developing smart phone applications? You can study this and much more  with us under the leadership of experienced teachers.  Find out more about this unique STEM based programme here.


Come to Academic Summer and achieve a CPD qualification

Whether you are a natural-born leader or someone that prefers to support the team in the background we will develop your skillset to help you reach your Personal Best. We will work together to discover and develop your communication, negotiation, delegation, problem-solving, accountability, change management and presentation skills, so at the end in your pod group you are happy, confident and undertaking tasks you never thought yourself capable of. The cherry on the cake? You will receive an accredited CPD qualification to show the world your achievements.



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New for 2022: activity electives!!

For the first time ever we are going to let you decide how you spend your afternoons with us.  Not only do students get to chose their subjects at Academic Summer but now they can chose their afternoon activies.  Options include:  athletics, games, food technology, arts and crafts, drama, outdoor education, English workshop, horse-riding* or golf *. Read more here.

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Academic Summer will help you achieve your personal best though our exciting learning programmes.  If you are aged 7-17 our experienced and inspiring teachers will give you an Academic Summer to remember.   Learn about your favourite subjects, develop life-changing study skills and prepare for your future by giving yourself a competitive edge.  We know that not everyone learns in the same way-whether you are a visual, auditory or kinaesthetic learner we have a teaching style that will suit you and bring your learning to life. 

If English is not your first language, there is no better way to improve than through our teaching methodology - 
CLIL - Content and Language Integrated Learning.   We integrate content  (academic subject matter) and language development following the IB’s liberal approach to learning.  Discovery and exploration are more highly valued than simply learning content. You will develop your competence in communicative use of English as an international language whether you are native or non-native speakers of English.    


Our goal is that every student that comes to Academic Summer finds a love for education that will stay with them for life. 


age 7 to 12

Adventurers benefit from cross curricular lessons taught by experienced primary teachers.   Students can put their learning into practice and use their strengths in one area to support themselves-and others- in an area they are less confident in. The results are truly amazing, children blossom at Academic Summer, they grow in confidence, learn about themselves, what they want to be able to do and how to get there. Find out more here

Explorers age 12/13-17

Academic Summer offers an exciting Explorer programme for students aged 12-14, students learn in small groups of 15 students (max).

Our camp is based on the broad IGCSE/GCSE curriculum and covers a wide range of academic subjects including English, applied mathematics, sciences, social studies, humanities and art.  The medium of instruction is English and students will have 30 hours of inspiring learning per week.   Explorers gain a real insight and excellent preparation for any GCSE, pre IB or equivalent programme.  You will learn invaluable study skills to help you in your academic careers whilst being introduced to different styles of learning. Read more here.

Engagers age 15-17

Take an exciting dive into A Levels/IB in the subjects that YOU want to study.  We offer Engagers an extensive range of academic subjects - any subject, any combination. Chose your subjects prior to arrival and we will write your  individual timetable around these choices. This is the perfect course to prepare you for  A Levels/IB.

Chose from the following:

 Applied Mathematic  Art  Biology  Chemistry  Design and technology (Bristol only)  Economics business and entrepreneurship     English  Environmental systems and societies  Essay Writing  History and Politics  Literature  Media Studies  Physics  Presentation and Interviews • Psychology  Social studies  Theory of knowledge
Read more here.

age 15+

For ambitious students (aged 15+) we offer our Get Ready range of specialist courses where students can prepare for their future studies. We offer Get Ready for Medicine, Get Ready for Computer Science and Get Ready for IELTS.  The specialist weeks can be booked on their own or as a combination with the standard programme. 

Get ready for Medicine

Get Ready for Medicine programme has been the pivotal moment which kick-started many young doctors’ careers. 
This intensive two week, 40 hour per week course is tailor made for aspiring medical students.  Our interactive and innovative programme includes a day with a doctor, clinical workshops, biology and chemistry practicals (including a heart dissection!), first aid qualification,  visits to real clinical settings and pioneering medical research facilities (COVID allowing). Find out more here.

Get ready for IELTS

Our one week intensive Get Ready for IELTS programme also includes the IELTS exam and is ideal for students who want to take the IELTS exam well prepared and therefore achieve the best possible result. 

In one week we will take you through the 4 main modules of the exam: 
 Reading  Writing  Listening  Speaking 
in order to take the exam on the final Saturday.
Read more here.


Our innovative STEM focused course brings computer science together with related subjects like mathematics, physics and art to help you fully prepare for computer science.  You will learn about multi-media production, programming, embedded systems, robotics and web-design.  This two week programme encourages you to explore your technological interests by combining theory, experimentation and project based learning.  Improve your confidence with technology whilst also developing your team-work, communication and leadership skills.  Get ready for a career in computer science! Read more here.


If you would like us to send you a curriculum for any of our programmes please email 


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Be a leader & Trips & Electives

We want to give you an unforgettable summer bursting with fun, adventure and equipping you with skills that will stick with you for life. This is why our leisure programmeis filled with unique and interesting  trips, the CPD accredited Be a leader programme and fun-filled, challenging and thought provoking elective activities (that you chose!).  We are going to show England as you've never seen it before, as well as taking you the top tourist must-sees.   

Check out your exciting schedule below:



You will explore the ‘real’ England, as well as visiting some of the most popular tourist destinations.  Our weekend excursions will take you to Oxford, Windsor, London, Cambridge, Shakespeare's Stratford-Upon-Avon, Henry VIII's Hampton Court, Jane Austin's Bath.  We will also indulge in some mega-fun times at the UK's best theme and waterparks and places  of natural beauty including a day at British seaside, a hike in a national park, water sports on a lake, historical National Trust manor houses and much more.

Staying in London, you will be amazed by the London experience, exploring places such as Houses of Parliament, London Eye, Downing Street, Bank of England, the Shard, Trafalger Square, The Mall, National Gallery, Piccadilly Circus, House Guards Parade, Shakespeare's Globe, Tower of London and many more.  

Choosing Bristol, you will explore Clifton Suspension Bridge, and M Shed Bristol, Gothic Wells Cathedral (filmset for the Huntsman), Bristol Museum and Art Gallery or Cheddar Gorge where the famous cheese is produced. We are going to take you on great adventures where your physical skills will be pushed to the limit with rock-climbing, caving, paddleboarding and kayaking in the stunning Mendip Hills and much more.


Be a leader

CPD accredited Be a leader programmeAs part of your Academic Summer experience in Bristol you will participate on our world-class Be a Leader Programme. Whether you are a natural born leader or someone that prefers to support the team in the background we will develop your skill set to help you reach your Personal Best. We work together to discover and develop your communication, negotiation, problem solving and presentation skills. We want you to be happy, confident and able to undertake tasks you never thought yourself capable of. The cherry on the cake - you will receive  an accredited CPD qualification to show the world your achievements.

Elective activities

In Bristol our elective afternoons allow you to chose your favourite activities so you are only ever doing something that excites you.  Options include:  athletics, games, food technology, arts and crafts, drama, outdoor education, English workshop, horse-riding* or golf *. Read more here.

Fun activities @ Academic Summer Camp 


Location & Accommodation

Academic Summer works with some of the UK’s leading boarding schools to offer cutting-edge facilities in the very heart of London and beautiful countryside near Bristol.

These schools are world-class and typically offer:

 State-of-the-art academic facilities, including hi-tech science labs and classrooms with interactive white boards  Excellent sports amenities, such as swimming pools, basketball courts and horse riding lessons  High-octane art centres, with music technology suites, performance halls and photography/digital media studios  Sophisticated dining options covering a wide variety of fresh and nourishing dishes  On-site coffee bars  Modern boarding facilities featuring en-suite options, recreation areas, kitchen and laundry facilities  An on-call nurse supported by trained First Aiders

​Academic Summer offers a taster opportunity for students who may consider studying at these schools in the future.


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