Academic half term camp
at Queen's College Taunton

Half term camp at Queen's College Taunton Academic Camp

Are you looking for a relaxing break and a chance to do some personal study during your half-term? Somewhere offering the perfect atmosphere to study whilst also giving you the space to relax and have fun? Look no further! Join us at half-term at Queen’s College Taunton.

  • Plenty of opportunities for revision and private study on Queen’s campus
  • Supervised study with teachers on hand to help you with your questions
  • Optional electives offering creative and sports options
  • A chance to enjoy some time with your friends in Taunton

Whatever your priority this half-term whether it is revising, relaxing, sleeping, making new friends or having new experiences - there is no doubt you will be able to achieve with Academic Camp at Queen’s College. We can’t think of a more productive way to spend your half-term break. Enjoy the safe, secure, friendly and fun environment at Queen’s College.

Location, Dates and Fees

Location: Queen's College, Taunton

Dates: 23rd October - 5th November 2022, 12th February - 18th February 2023, 2nd April - 15th April 2023, 28th May - 3rd June 2023

Fees: £875 per week

Fees include: accommodation, food, electives, activities and VAT.

Half term camp at Queen's College Taunton Academic Camp