You’ll participate in our world-class Be a Leader Programme as part of your Academic Summer Camp, Germany experience. Whether you are a natural born leader or someone that prefers to support the team in the background, we will develop your skill set to help you reach your Personal Best. We work together to discover and develop your communication, negotiation, problem solving and presentation skills. We want you to be happy, confident and able to undertake tasks you never thought yourself capable of.  To top it off - you will receive an accredited CPD qualification to show the world your achievements.

Be a Leader helps you to:
  •  gain a CPD accredited qualification,
  •  develop your leadership skills,
  •  challenge you to put down your device and try something new
  •  grow in confidence,
  •  improve your communication, negotiation, problem solving and presentation skills,
  •  have fun & new experiences,
  •  make friends from over the world
You’ll complete the  10-hour, accredited course over 2 weeks, covering vital skills needed to be a leader and a valuable team player.  Every morning you’ll learn a new skill in assembly and practice using it throughout the day.  What’s the difference between flexibility and adaptability, how can empathy help you to get ahead, and what personal skills do you need to be an influential person?
Every week you will Meet a Leader, highly successful people from various industries will come to talk to you about their personal experiences in reaching the top.  Last year we were privileged to welcome the premier leagues only lead female coach, a CEO from a multi-national company, a principal from a leading international school, to name a few.
Be a Leader will help you understand yourself,  your skills, strengths and weaknesses.  You’ll do a series of tests which will shine a light on your true potential and help you to make better, well- informed decisions about your future.   
The best way to learn is through doing, so you’ll participate in entertaining workshops which  tie in to everything you’ve learnt throughout the week.   Put your learning into practice by organising and running a charity event or design and pitch a product to investors.  It will be like participating in the Apprentice for real and you’ll get a certificate to prove it!
Be a leader perfectly compliments  Academic Camp’s unique learning programme designed for students aged 12-14 and 15-17 .   We combine a colourful array of academic learning, leadership, exciting trips and elective activities to make the summer perfect.



If you would like to know exactly what  trips are planned during the weeks you want to join us, contact us on for a detailed schedule.
Our excursions will show you Germany’s true beauty and unique heritage – you’ll explore the magnificent cities  of Cologne, Dortmund, Bonn, Dusseldorf, Duisbug, Bochum, Munich and Munster. 
Marvel at Cologne Cathedral before visiting the mouth-watering chocolate museum, and then swim it off in the lake.  Pay Beethoven’s house a visit in Bonn and  tour the world famous Dortmund Stadium.  No trip to Dusseldorf is complete without a visit to the K21  art museum, and in Duisburg the  awesome Tiger and Turtle is a must-see  in Anger Park.  In Dortmund, you’ll be inspired to work when we visit the DASA Working World exhibition.   You’ll take a bicycle tour through Munster soaking up the stunning architecture, Asaee Lake and St Pauls Cathedral.
After all the site seeing you’ll need a bit of adventure in the form of  Alam Park Geselnkirchen where you’ll  do laser tag, minigolf, arrow tag and bubble and pool ball.  You don’t need to venture far from the school to have fun though.  Located on river Lippe,  Schloss Heesen has it's very own island where you can kayak and canoe.  You will waterski and swim in the nearby lake, waterfight at Maxmilian park and enjoy an German BBQ on the school grounds.



In addition to our amazing excursions, you will be able to choose your elective activities in the afternoons from
  • Sport (football, basketball, floor hockey fitness, running, relay, jumping)​
  • Arts (tie-dye, ceramics, art room antics, dance, theatre, screen play, singing)​
  • Outdoor Education (campfire building, orienteering, geocaching)​

Elective choices are subject to availability and student demand and cannot be guaranteed.
We are convinced that you will leave Academic Camp Germany with more skills, interests and knowledge that you thought possible to acquire in 2- 4 weeks.  Are you as excited as we are?