Inspiring German
Summer Adventure
for students aged 12-17

  • Experience the real Germany
  • Explore Cologne, Dusseldorf, Dortmund and Munster
  • Study in a majestic castle, home to Schloss Heessen, a top boarding school in the town of Hamm near Dortmund
  • Enjoy the school’s own private island and participate river/lake activities including kayaking and water skiing
  • Learn from world-class teachers 
  • Prepare for your future & make lifelong friends from around the world 
  • Seminars for students interested in studying at German universities
  • Have the summer of your life! 



Make the most of your revision time with these 6 top study tips

With exam season approaching we’ve put together this handy guide to help you get the most out of your study time. We hope you find it useful. 
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BAC Inspection Report

During the summer of 2022, in between trips, teaching, and awarding leadership certificates, we had our BAC inspection. 
And now we are excited to share our BAC inspection report 2022 with you. 
We and our participants are already aware that Academic Summer offers high-quality, first-rate programmes, but it is always reassuring to have this validated by a glowing accreditation report. 

More about BAC Inspection Report here.

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This programme is an excellent opportunity to improve your academic and language skills, a choice to practice English and/or German by studying your favourite academic subjects in one or both of these languages. Our teaching methodology is based around CLIL: Content and Language Integrated Learning. You study the content of academic subjects and, at the same time, improve your language skills.  You can choose to study subjects in English or German or do a combination of both.

age 12 to 14

Our Explorers study a range of academic subjects in classes of up to ten students.You will study a full curriculum that includes: Language and literature, mathematics,sciences, social studies and arts.  The medium of instruction is Germany or English and there are 30 hours of study a week. Explorers learn valuable study skills to help them in their academic careers and are introduced to different ways of learning.

You can choose whether you wish to study subjects in English or German.
We integrate content (academic subject matter) and language development following the IB’s liberal approach to learning. Discovery and exploration are more highly valued than simply learning the content. We want you to develop your competence in the communicative use of Germany/ English as an international language whether you are a native or non-native speaker of German/English.

age 15 to 17

We offer Engagers a good range of academic subjects to choose from. You study in classes of up to ten students and there are 30 hours of study a week. You have four 60-minute lessons per day, attend leadership sessions and assemblies.

You choose the subjects you want to study prior to arrival, and we write your individual timetable around these choices.
We offer the following subjects in German:
 German linguistics & language - writing, speaking, listening, reading, study skills and presentations  STEM - science, technology, engineering and mathematics  Landeskunde - includes German cultural and social studies, history and economics  Literature  Presentation & Interviews  Art

And following 
subjects in English:
• English workshop  Writers' workshop  Debating  Business Studies & Entrepreneurship 

...and how will your day look?








Leadership pod 

Activities and trips



Free time, sports and activities



We want you have an unforgettable summer bursting with fun, adventure and equipping you with skills that will stick with you for life. This is why our Be a Leader programme is filled with original trips and fun-filled, challenging and thought-provoking activities. We will show you Germany as you've never seen it before as well as taking you to the top tourist must-sees.  
Every activity, trip, game and adventure will tie into your Be a Leader project so the final result will be inspired by your real-life experience. Whether you are a natural-born leader or someone that prefers to support the more



Academic Camp Germany will run at the Schloss Heessen in North Rhine-Westphalia, in the town of Hamm. 

Hamm is a beautiful town in Rhineland situated near three historical German cities Cologne, Dusseldorf, and Bonn, once the former capital of the Federal Republic of Germany until German reunification in 1990.  

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Schloss Heessen School

Come and live in our comfortable and spacious dorm rooms in the historical castle and enjoy all the school has to offer on its beautiful grounds, next to a river.
The school offers a variety of comfortable bedrooms with shared bathrooms. Most bedrooms accommodate two students, there are some bedrooms for three or four students. Girls and boys are accommodated on different floors.

Showers and toilets are shared and they have individual cubicles that can be locked.
You can use the cosy common rooms with a small kitchen where you can meet with your friends or have a snack.
Schloss Heessen School

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Work for us

Academic Camp Germany is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects its staff to share this commitment.
Are you a teacher or tutor with a passion for your subject you'd like to share with engaged, interested students? Do you have experience working with second language speakers? Are you confident teaching in German?

Our course in Germany runs for four weeks. Teachers can teach one to four teaching blocks (each block is one daily lesson, Monday - Friday) a week and there is the opportunity to take part in additional camp counsellor work. We are particularly keen to hear from teachers who are happy to teach a range of subjects.

We offer the following subjects, taught in German:
German linguistics
Presentation and interview skills

And in English:
Business, economics & entrepreneurship
English workshop
Writers workshop

Please complete the application form below or contact us at for more information.