Terms and Conditions

We understand this is difficult time for the world with the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We wanted to help families to continue to make decisions for the summer and make it easier to make risk free booking. That is why we have changed our Terms and Conditions for 2021 bookings. Please find the adjustment here.

We: Academic Camp Canada
Student: the person participating in the course
You: the person booking and paying for the course
These definitions will hereby be referred to throughout the course of the text.
The following document includes the terms, rules and guidelines for the use and participation with Academic Camp Canada. When applying to Academic Camp Canada you agree fully to follow our terms and conditions.
1. Applying to Academic Camp Canada
To apply for a place at Academic Camp Canada:
· You will find our brochure, booking form and Terms and Conditions online at www.academiccamp.org. Please ensure that you read the terms and conditions carefully, by signing the application form you agree to follow them.
· You agree for students to participate in all activities and trips and for use of images and videos of such activities for promotional purposes. The student's identities will not be revealed without permission.
· When completing our application form you must ensure this information is correct. This information is for use by Academic Camp Canada for purposes that are necessary and in accordance with the Personnel Information Protection Act (See section 12 for more information on data/information use). Subject choices are subject to availability it may not always be possible to provide all of the student's choices.
· If a student is accepted onto the course, it is entirely the camp director's decision to accept the student. If accepted we will send you a confirmation letter and an invoice showing the outstanding balance.
· When we send you the invoice you should send the initial payment of $800.00CAN. The student's place is not reserved until the initial payment is received. All payments should be in Canadian Dollars (CAN). Please find the payment instructions on the invoice. We do not accept responsibility if a payment is made incorrectly in accordance to the provided invoice.
· Academic Camp Canada can provide a visa letter to support the student’s visa application. Please note that we can only issue visa letters once we have received the initial payment for the course. If you require the visa letter to be couriered there will be an additional charge of $150 CAD.
· Make the final payment of the outstanding or full fee for the course at least 5 weeks before the date the course starts. When making the payment ensure there is a clear reference to the application, therefore we can see the payment.
· Before the course you receive a student handbook and an English test, it is your responsibility to ensure the student reads and understands all of the camp rules and conditions and completes the tests before arriving at camp.
2. Behaviour
By signing the application form, you agree to support Academic Camp Canada in the enforcement of the rules set out in the course information and student handbook and you also agree to explain the rules to your student before they arrive. Academic Camp Canada reserves the right of course termination if the student does not follow our rules and instructions or displays unacceptable behaviour. It is entirely the course director's discretion for how long the course termination is for. If a course termination occurs as a result of student behaviour, Academic Camp Canada will not refund course fees and do not accept responsibility for any extra costs. In this case, if necessary it is your responsibility to arrange alternative transport and accommodation for the student.
3. Camp Cancellation
With the exception of Force Majeure (See section 7), Academic Camp Canada will endeavour to give at least six weeks notice if the course needs to be cancelled. In these circumstances, Academic Camp Canada will refund any fees paid by all parties. 
4. Cancellation or Interruption of Trip
Cancellations or changes to your booking must be made to us in writing. The full fee is due according to the schedule above, fees paid to Academic Camp Canada are non refundable.
In the event of a trip cancellation due to an unforeseen event, it is the parent/guardian's responsibility to contact Academic Camp Canada within 72 hours of the unforeseen event occurring. 
5. Complaints Procedure
You must contact the course director with any complaints using only contacts disclosed in information provided by Academic Camp Canada only. When we receive a complaint we will endeavour to complete a full investigation into the issue. We also endeavour to resolve any complaints as quickly as possible. We will reply to written complaints within 24 hours.
6. Custodianship Declaration
Academic Camp Canada will provide students with a custodianship declaration form. This form is essential for the student's entry through immigration once arriving in Canada. Once provided it is your and the student's responsibility to ensure measures of prevention from theft and losses of this form.
7. Force Majeure (or Acts of God)
Academic Camp Canada does not accept liability for events that are known as 'Force Majeure' which may disrupt the course or the student’s travel. Certain events and occurrences that are 'unpredictable, irresistible and external' and therefore outside of Academic Camp Canada’s control.  Fees are non refundable in the case of Force Majeure.
8. Intellectual Property
All copyright, trade marks, design rights, patents and other intellectual property rights (registered and unregistered) relating to Academic Camp Canada, belong to Academic Camp Canada and/or third parties. Nothing in the Terms grants you a right or license to use any trade mark, design right or copyright owned or controlled by the Academic Camp Canada.
9. Marketing and Advertisement
All of our marketing will present our services in a accurate form and not misleading customers. Academic Camp Canada will not pass personal information to third parties for marketing purposes.
For competitions applications must read our terms and conditions before entering. By providing contact email address you provide permission for only Academic Summer and partners to contact you if you are selected a winner and also for marketing purposes
10. Medical Information and Student Health
You must inform Academic Camp Canada of any relevant medical information which may affect a student’s health or ability to participate in the course, including any allergies, medication needs and any special dietary needs. Academic Camp Canada does not take responsibility for any medical complications arising due to non-disclosure of information on the medical form provided to Academic Camp Canada and subsequently the student insurance company. Insurance claims are subject to medical history, it is the student parent/guardians responsibility to ensure medical information is stated truly and correctly. If you do not inform us of a relevant medical condition or if the student requires regular supervision for medical reasons, Academic Camp Canada may send the student home. In the case of a student with a disability we will assess whether we can provide appropriate care in the leased school and the decision to accept the student will be based on this.
If you do not wish us to give any particular medications to the student you must let us know in the application form prior to the course. We will try to obtain prior consent for emergency medical treatment from parents/emergency contact. If we cannot make contact, then we will make a decision on treatment as recommended by a doctor. If the student requires medical treatment which is urgent or emergency, such medical attention will be sought after regardless of permission from parents.

The below are examples of non-preseribed medications which may be given to students to treat minor illnesses or injuries: Paracetamol, Travel sickness tablets, Cough and throat medication, Anaesthetic creams and sprays, Spray for blocked noses, Ibruprofen, Antihistmine tablets/sprays, Plasters, Eye drops.  You must inform us on the medical consent form if you do not wish your child to be given such non-prescribed medications.

11. Student Insurance
Medical Insurance is included in your fees.  All other insurance cover, for example personal belongings and cancellation, should be taken out by you in an individual policy.  If you wish to make a student insurance claim on behalf of the student you must notify Academic Camp Canada. All information you provide to Academic Camp Canada is the responsibility of the parents and/or guardian. If a student and parent/guardian has provided inaccurate information it may affect their insurance claim.

12. Use of information and data
Academic Camp Canada only completes reasonable collection, use and disclosure of information. By submitting your application form and information, you provide consent for Academic Camp Canada to use this information within terms of reasonable use. Any information collected is stored with appropriate security with limited access to only those who require such information as part of Academic Camp Canada's operations. Academic Camp Canada will not pass personal information to third parties for marketing purposes. For all complaints referring to the Personal Information Protection Act, the privacy officer will be consulted and a complete investigation into the said matter will occur, appropriate actions will then be taken depending on the outcome.

Parents agree we can use images and videos of their students in promotional materials and on the website. Students’ personal identities will not be revealed. On arrival we take a photo of your child for use their ID cards and to help with indentification on our systems and at the end of the summer these photos are deleted securely.

13. General

We assess students from the information given on their application form and the CLIL assessment that is taken prior to arrival so we can place them appropriately. Students are placed into groups according to their age and then their academic ability. We ask students in our IB / A Level classes for their choices of academic subjects and we endeavor to give students their first choice but this may not always be possible depending on availability and appropriateness for the student. The Course Director’s decision in these cases is final.

We do ask a student to do an English CLIL assessment prior to arrival as this will assist with class placement and to help teachers to prepare their lessons. This can be completed as part of the application proces online.

When parents sign the Application Form they give permission to participate in all activities, sports and trips.