1. Applying

1.1. What do I need to do to apply for a course?

You can use the online application form here or download our PDF application form. Email us once you are done or if you have any questions at info@academiccamp.org. After this we will be in touch to confirm your place on the course, and then will require the initial payment of 800CAD to reserve your place.

1.2. What happens after I’ve booked my place?

You will need to book your return flights to Canada, possibly also internal flight between Toronto and your destination (more details about airport transfers here). After this we will need your medical information, subject choices and a copy of your passport submittable from your online account. Then you can kick back and start looking forward to a Summer you will never forget! We will be in touch with information to help you prepare for your course and important information about transfers and which documents you must take with you.

1.3. How do I know that I will get a place on the course?

We will contact you to tell you once we received your application. We recommend applying as soon as possible while the places are available to avoid disappointment. The place is reserved only when the initial payment is received. Find here all details about the fees.


1.4. How long will it take to process my application?

Once your application is completed and the initial payment is received it will be processed very quickly. Typically you will receive an email response within 1 business day.

1.5. When do I get my letter of acceptance/confirmation letter?

Once your application is complete, you should be emailed this within 1 business day. It is important that you take a paper copy of the confirmation letter with you when you are travelling to Canada.


1.6. How can I pay? Are the fees in Canadian dollars?

All of the details for payment are in the invoice sent to you by email. For international payments they may take up to 3 weeks to pass through, it important to allow plenty of time. All of our fees are in Canadian dollars (CAD)- see fee details here.


1.7. What type of students do you accept?

We accept both male and female students aged from 11 to 17 years of age from a mixture of nationalities around the world. Many of our students are either looking to develop their English, to improve their academic profile for further study, or simply looking to have an enjoyable Summer experience abroad! Find out more about our courses here.


1.8. Can I apply if I am almost in the age category?

Yes. If you are 11 just before or during the course, this is not a problem. If you are 10 or below at the time of the course get in contact with us on info@academiccamp.org and we will be able to make a decision whether you are suitable for the course.
If you are 18 we can still accept you on the course. We will need your signed agreement that despite you being adult, you will follow Academic Camp Canada rules and staff guidance.


2. Transfers

2.1. Where do ACC offer airport transfers from/to?

We offer transfers from/to
- Victoria International Airport (YYJ) for British Columbia,
- Saint John Airport (YSJ) or Halifax Stanfield International Airport (YHZ) for New Brunswick and 
- Montreal-Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport (YUL) or Ottawa International Airport (YOW) for Ottawa, Ontario.

The airport pickups are included in the fees. Please note no flight cost are included in the fees.

Please see the Airport transfer sheets for your chosen location for all the centers for clear information. 

2.2 What if my flight is outside of recommended times/dates?

Transfers outside of the selected times are subject to a $200CAD additional charge. If you require a transfer outside of scheduled hours please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

2.3 Are airport pick ups included in the fees?

Airport pick ups are included in our inclusive fees from selected airports only.

2.4 What if I have booked a course that is not on standard transfer days and require a airport transfer?

If you are not arriving or departing on our standard transfer days we cannot guarantee you a transfer and you may be charged an additional fee. Please contact us to discuss this.

2.5 What food and drink is provided at the airport?

We make sure the students are perfectly comfortable upon arriving. If they require food or drink our helpful team will make sure they get this. Students will have a meal shortly after settling in at school.

2.6 What if my daughter/son/client has a long journey?

We will do our best to make sure the student is content and comfortable. There is a short journey back to school where they will be able to relax and catch up on any sleep they require!

2.7 How long does the transfer to school take?

The travel time from airport to school will take approximately 20 minutes in New Brunswick and approximately 45 minutes in Britisch Columbia. It is possible students will have a short wait upon arriving at the airport to wait for other students arriving at the same time.   

2.8 Can you book the group flight for me?

No. We do not offer to book the flight for you. We can give full guidance and support to help you or your client to book the correct flight at the best price.

2.9 Who will be looking after the students in the airport?

We will a full team of dedicated staff available throughout our transfers days. They will ensure students are comfortable and safe.

2.10 Do you recommend the unaccompanied minor airline service for my son/daughter who is travelling as a minor?

Yes. This is not a service we include in our fees, however, we do recommend it if you son/daughter is young and its their first time travelling abroad alone. We will meet them in the terminal as soon as they arrive.

2.11 My parents would like to come direct to the school to drop me off

Parents are welcome to bring you to the school on transfers day, they are welcome to have a tour of the school with our staff. It is important you tell us your arrangements in advance and that once you are settled your parents are to leave you at the camp with all of your new friends!


3. The Course and Camp

3.1. How many hours will I spend in the classroom learning?

There are 30 hours of academic tuition per week. These will consist of different subjects depending on the chosen course. Our lessons aren’t always in the classroom, if you’re lucky some lessons may taught outside by the ocean! See here your academic programme if you are aged 11 to 14. Click here for your academic programme if you are aged 15 to 17.


3.2. How many students are in each class and activity?

Our classes are capped at a maximum of 10 students. For our trips and activities usually all of the students will be involved together, and organized by their tutor group- which is a small class with mixed nationalities.


3.3. Do I have to choose 8 subjects? Will I definitely have these subjects?

You can only choose your subjects when you are aged 15 to 18. In this case, we recommend to choose at least 8 subjects you enjoy to study. However, if you would like to specialize by choosing a different amount of subjects this is not a problem i.e only 4 subjects Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. 

3.4. What fun activities/trips are there?

We have all kinds of fun activities planned. Each afternoon we will either have challenging and exciting activities on campus such as sports competitions or leadership activities, or we will take the students on trips to various attractions including museums, city visits and even whale watching! Download the detailed leisure programme for your location here.


3.5. Are the activities/trips compulsory or are they optional?

All of the activities and trips are compulsory. We expect all students to participate on the course with a good attitude, our motto is work hard, play hard! This is the best way to make sure you get the most out of your time in Canada.


3.6. What sports will I able to do at the camp?

All locations have excellent facilities for sports. There are a tennis courts, rugby/soccer fields, indoor sports hall and gymnasium. Not forgetting the watersports where we will hope to have swimming, canoeing, sailing and paddle boarding activities. We will have daily sports competitions and option sports activities including volleyball, badminton, soccer, basketball and tennis. We are also able to take your sports requests, we will try our best to provide the sports you prefer.


3.7. Will I have free time to explore with my friends?

Yes! Most of the time you will busy in lessons and activities, but there will be many times where you can explore either the loca city with your new friends. Every evening you are free to choose between sports, socializing or simply relaxing!


3.8. Can I meet with people during my free time who are not part of the course i.e my parents or other friends

If you wish to do so, please write to us 48 hours in advance by email (info@academiccamp.org) so we can agree on the best time to do so. If the time requested is during an scheduled activity/trip or lesson we might advice you to reschedule the timing.


3.9. What if I have a learning disability?

Everyone is different and if you require some extra help our teachers are trained for every situation. Please let us know if we can provide any help to adapt to different learning styles and abilities.


3.10. What is the school like?

We are lucky enough to have some of the best boarding schools in North America. The campus has many facilities, classrooms and accommodation a short walk from each other. See more about our locations here.


3.11. What are the rooms like? What about the washrooms?

You will share a room with 1-2 other students of mixed nationalities where possible. There is plenty of space for your personal storage, your own desk for study. There are many washrooms for everyone to share including showers, washing basins and toilets. More details about accommodation.


3.12. What type of food is available?

We will have a different menu each day, where there will be a buffet including a mixture of foods. If you have dietary or allergic requirements please indicate this on your medical form and we will make sure your food is what you ask for. Each week we will have an international themed meal from around the world!


3.13. What type of clothing should I bring?

Bring enough clothes to be prepared for your course, but allow enough room for anything you want to bring home! We will be very active with sports and activities on campus. We will also do city visits and evening discos, where you may want to dress up a bit nicer! Bring your swimming wear for water activities. It is very rare for it to rain in the Summer, but we recommend to pack to be prepared. We have weekly laundry as an opportunity for you to wash your clothes.


3.14. How is the weather in Canada like for July and August?

It is usually low 20 degrees Celsius, and it can be cool in the mornings and the evenings. It can rain in the Summer, but it is very unusual. We recommend packing to be prepared for all types of weather!


3.15. Is there wifi at the school?

Yes, there is very good wifi and internet for you to use all over campus.


3.16. How much spending money should I bring for 3 weeks?

Everything you need such as food and transport is included, so spending money is not completely necessary. However if you want to buy any extras such as some souvenirs you are welcome to bring some spending money such as 100 dollars per week. We run a camp bank where you can store your money safely and take out small amounts of your money each day.

3.17 How many staff will be on trips and activities? 

Our ratio is 1 member of staff to 8 students in accordance with the provincial camp standards. We will have more staff on particular trips where we go to the city.

3.18 Is there a first aider on campus?

Yes there is always a first aider on campus. We also have many staff who have first aid certications approved by WorkSafeBC, they are able to provide basic first aid and we also have medical centre closeby.

4. Visa documents, Insurance and Cancellation

4.1. Do I need to take out a insurance policy? Is medical insurance included?

Insurance is included for our students, there is full coverage for cancellation (up to $5000US), trip interruption, medical/hospital costs and theft/loss of personal belongings. It recommended if you are bringing particularly expensive items that you take your own policy to cover these. Click here for full insurance details.

4.2. Do I need a student visa?

For our courses you do not need a student visa because you are studying for less than 6 months in Canada. If you are planning on studying in Canada in a school after our courses, and therefore for more than 6 months in Canada, then you will need to apply for a student visa through the Canada government website or your nearest Canadian embassy/consulate. More details about visa.


4.3. Do I need any other visa documents? Do I need a custodian declaration?

It depends on your citizenship or nationality on your passport. Some will require a visitor visa which means you will need a custodian declaration. Please get advice from your educational agent or click here for more details. There will be a charge of 50CAD for this document. 


4.4. If I cannot get my visa can I get a refund of my payments?

Yes. If the Canadian government refuses your visa to enter Canada, we will refund all of your fees. In order for Academic Camp Canada to provide a course fee refund in these circumstances we must see the original visa refusal letter. We will not refund the fees if the visa was refused due to your mistake on the application form or the wrong documents being submitted.


4.5. If I cancel for other reasons can I get a refund of my payments?

You can ask for refund in writing if it is for any reason other than visa rejection. In many occasions we will not refund the fees, however you will be able to gain these through insurance that will apply to you since we confirm the application form and we receive your initial payment of 800 CAD.