British Columbia

Brentwood College School: Where students choose to be

You will enjoy a secure, caring and supportive environment with experienced staff looking after you on the spectacular Oceanfront Campus of Brentwood College School on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. Brentwood College School is one of Canada's best boarding schools for students in grades 9 to 12 and is an Advanced Placement world school.

The oceanfront school provides an experience like no other - if you are looking for a memorable Summer experience you have come to the right place! It has modern classrooms, including its own robotics suite, library, art centre and science labs. There is on-campus accommodation with North American camp-style bunk beds, storage and common space with ocean view all on one spectacular campus on the Pacific Ocean. The catering is excellent with each meal time with a huge amount of choice and the friendly chefs enjoy accommodating students with specific dietary requirements. Each Wednesday there is a new international meal where you will try cuisines from different corners of the world! If you require medical attention there is a medical centre on campus with modern equipment where we will have a nurse or first aid trained staff to help you. There is also a medical centre opposite the school.

It has excellent sports facilities including a brand new state of the art indoor sports centre. The campus itself is famous for its water sports, and several of its previous students having competed at the Olympics and gone on to win Olympic medals. We make the most of the waterfront with activities including swimming, canoeing, paddleboarding and raft building! The campus offers an array of different sports facilities including 12 tennis courts, rugby and soccer fields, as well as an indoor sports centre to cater for all of the indoor sports from badminton to volleyball.

On route to the college you will drive through the dramatic alpine forests and begin to see glimmers of the Pacific Ocean’s beaches. Our school is a short drive from Victoria, the capital of British Colombia, where we will pick you up from the airport. See the transfers page for more information found here
Once you arrive, you will see our very own Canadian paradise - Academic Camp Canada is located on the outstanding oceanfront college on Vancouver Island, British Colombia. Our home for the Summer has everything you will need- modern classrooms, outstanding sports facilities, excellent food and comfortable accommodation. You can expect warm temperatures of over 20°C/68°F throughout the Summer months.. but make sure you come to camp prepared for all conditions!
During your stay you will enjoy a secure, caring and supportive environment with experienced staff looking after you around the clock. 
Come and join us for a memorable Summer in a global school on the Ocean!

Academic Camp Canada at Brentwood College School, Victoria, Vancouver Island