Be a leader

Be a Leader is an exciting part of Academic Camp Canada and complements our academic nature. Be a Leader gives you the opportunity to develop your leadership skills in a fun and academic environment. The 10-hour course is spread across the 2-week camp and you will cover vital skills required of a good team leader in small leadership pods with your camp counsellors. You will engage in team projects that link to the afternoon trips and activities. You have the opportunity to apply the skills you learn in a safe and stimulating environment before putting them to the test in your group project. At the end of the week you will present your project in our end of week celebration with your peers.  
While taking part in Be a Leader, you explore the ‘real’ Canada, as well as visiting some of the most popular tourist destinations. You will see the best parts of your location and gain first-hand experience of what it is like to live in Canada.
This unique Academic Camp Canada gives you the opportunity to study a range of subjects in English, as well as enabling you to challenge yourself. Try something new and learn essential skills to shape your future and help you achieve your personal best. 

Be a Leader helps you to: 

- gain a CPD accredited qualification,
- develop your leadership skills,
- challenge you to try something new & put down your mobile device,
- have fun & have new experiences,
- make friends from over the world & get to know your camp counsellors.

Be a leader in combination with our exciting full and half day trips and elective activities will make the summer experience both fun and useful.