IB prep & revision

Our academic summer courses are excellent preparation for the International Baccalaureaate diploma (IB diploma), whether you are thinking about it in the future or whether you are studying it now.

We offer a comprehensive preparation and revision course for students aged 12 - 14 (more details about our Exploration classes) and students aged 15 – 17 (more details about our Engagement classes). 

The course offers a holistic style of learning through a broad range of academically challenging subjects including languages, sciences, maths, the arts and humanities. 

The IB program has emphasis on writing and developing critical thinking skills which allows students to self-explore their interests through depth and breadth of knowledge. In many cases IB allows academically driven students to develop skills that are required at University.
Students whom wish to pursue future study in the full International Baccalaureate Diploma will be fully prepared ahead of their course, which once complete is readily accepted at Universities in Canada and around the world.