Exploration Classes - age 11 to 14

Our Exploration classes are for you if you are age 11 to 14 and will help you in grades 9 and 10. We develop your academic skills and we give you a strong foundation for your future learning.

You will explore and discover the full range of academic subject areas including English, mathematics, general science, the arts and social studies.
Each week you will dedicate your time to four subjects. The timetable will be set for you and you will be taught by experienced teachers in small classes of maximum 15 students.
Fridays you will join in our challenging and stimulating workshops and lectures on topics relevant to your success – both now and in your future. These are run by experts and professionals in their fields.

 Alyson, Canadian
"It’s been so much fun meeting everyone from all of the different countries and doing all the interesting activities. Favourite trip as going to the beach hanging out with friends in the sun and seeing so many animals. I really liked business and history courses. Biology was really cool because we got to cut squids. Come to ACC and you will meet so many new people from all over the world, do so many different activities and learn at the same time".