Adventurers age 10-12

Develop your curiosity during your first camp experience. Adventurers at Academic Camp Canada learn alongside locals and have an immersive camp experience unlike any other. 
Join us for multi-sports, STEAM, ECBA girls’ basketball and English workshops. 

As they make friends with their new Canadian campmates, Adventurers in Canada have the wonderful opportunity to develop their curiosity, learn new skills, and practise their English. Academic Camp Canada has partnered with RNS to provide international Adventurers with the opportunity to participate in the school's local holiday camps. Camps available this summer are multi-sports, STEAM, ECBA girls’ basketball and English workshops: 

When young children learn and play with English-speaking children, they make rapid progress without even realising it! Students can apply what they've learned and use their strengths in one area to help themselves and others in areas where they're less confident. 
Every child is an individual with the ability to grow and help others grow. We want to teach Adventurers how to perform at their personal best. We help our students see how far they have come and how much more they can do if they continue to work hard, allowing them to succeed in their academic and social lives thus giving them a bright future. 
Academic Camp Canada's Personal Best philosophy is shared by all staff, and as a team, we help students achieve their personal best.  We use Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) to help us reach this goal.  CLIL has been described as "a major methodological revolution"  in language teaching, and at Academic Camp Canada, we have responded to the changes and challenges of language learning. Students engage in content that interests them, resulting in an unconscious improvement in their language acquisition. We make learning fun and age-appropriate, which gives their learning a sense of purpose and engages them in a way that rote learning and reciting grammar don't allow.  
  • Content - the curriculum subject itself 
  • Culture - raising awareness of our culture and the culture of others
  • Cognition - thinking and learning skills 
  • Communication - sharing our knowledge with others 
Adventurers  will explore the 4Cs with the guidance of qualified teachers and experienced teachers of English.  The programme is designed to help students widen their subject knowledge and develop their language and communication skills to enable them to engage further with the English language. 
Academic Camp Canada is for you if: 
1. are looking for a well-supervised course for young students 
2. are looking for a course that includes English as well as other activities and workshops for children in primary school. 
3. are considering sending your child to a boarding school but want to observe how they cope on a short-term, non-committal basis. 
4. want to provide your child with a stimulating and enjoyable summer learning experience 
5. desire for your child to meet and communicate with children from various countries and cultures