Get ready for Uni @home

21st to 29th December 2020*
from 10:00 - 12:00 GMT

An intensive week to learn how to make a successful UCAS application for UK universities. This course will improve your understanding to plan well and execute clearly mapped timelines and milestones for applying to the top 10 UK universities for courses starting in September 2021 or later. You will also receive advice on how to draft your Personal Statement, from structure to multi-draft feedback and how to secure your teacher's reference. You will learn about which universities interview potential students and how you can prepare for an interview.  
This course is for you if you are 15 and over and would like to: 
  • study at a top UK university 
  • secure a place to study the degree programme of your choice
  • have a clear understanding of the timelines and deadlines for applying to a top UK university
  • learn about the entry requirements for the course of your choice 
  • build upon your English language skills 
  • develop an understanding of UCAS terminology. 

Course Content 

Get ready for Uni @home delivers bespoke courses (maximum 4 students per group), so we can focus on individual students’ needs as well as integrating elements of peer teaching and self-directed learning, which are essential skills in higher education. Students will enjoy this stimulating and immersive online course of intensive learning.  
The course covers:  
  • UK Universities; which online portals are good to check the ranking of universities and how to understand ranking tables
  • how to research undergraduate degrees
  • The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS)
  • understanding the scope of undergraduate degrees and possible future careers linked to your first degree
  • interview skills 
  • developing peer teaching and self-directed learning skills
  • one-to-one session tailored around your learning needs
  • personal statements & teacher references 
  • predicted grades; how to do this from a school outside the UK. 

Our Methodology - Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) 

You will: 
  • enhance your content knowledge in the area of science and medicine in general 
  • understand culture and your role as a global citizen 
  • identify your beliefs and values, so you can develop a reflective knowledge base
  • learn to appreciate how culture, trends, and ethics affect the area of medicine
  • develop your cognition and higher-order thinking skills (critical, logical, reflective, metacognitive, and creative thinking) to prepare for your future studies in medicine 
  • work on your communication skills in the English language. Good communication is crucial in the field of medicine. 


You will be given feedback on your personal and academic skills, your written work and practical application. You will be assessed on academic performance and attitude towards learning in lessons and this assessment will be documented in your weekly report. You will be given an A–D grade with A representing excellent effort and consistently positive attitude to learning and D representing unsatisfactory effort and achievement. We celebrate the individuality of our students and their achievement is benchmarked against their own ability and goals. 
You will also receive detailed feedback on your choice of degree courses and your personal statement drafts. You will be able to ask for at least two further 1-2-1 sessions to complete your application, for the six months following the course.  

Dates & Fees

21st to 29th December 2020 - lessons will be running on 21, 22, 23 and 28 and 29th December 2020

Fees: 750 GBP per course . Course includes over 25 hours of learning

  • 10 hours live online tuition
  • 14 hours guided self study tasks
  • 1 hour one to one session