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Academic Lectures @home

About IQ Consultancy Czech Republic

IQ Consultancy is an educational company with offices in 7 countries, representing the leading private boarding schools and universities of Switzerland, UK, US, Canada and EU.
Vzdělávací společnost IQ Consultancy je jednou z předních uznávaných firem v oblasti zprostředkování studia v zahraničí. Pomáháme školákům, studentům a dospělým se dostat na přední střední a vysoké školy ve Švýcarsku, Velké Británii, EU, USA a Kanadě a také nabízíme studium na kvalitních jazykových kurzech v zahraničí. Uvědomujeme si význam rozhodnutí našich klientů, investovat do své budoucnosti, a proto bereme naše poslání v poskytování prvotřídních služeb vážně. Vztahy s našimi partnery a zákazníky budujeme na vzájemné důvěře a porozumění. 

About Academic Camp

Academic Camp is a team of experienced professionals who are passionate about offering inspiring and challenging academic camps for adventurers, explorers and engagers aged 7-17. Our camps are accredited to guarantee quality, and enjoyable with an amazing mix of the academic with trips, sports and activities. You can study in the UKCanadaSwitzerland@home or enjoy year round one to one tuiton in any subject. 

Our methodology is centred around CLIL - Content and Language Integrated Learning. You study the content of academic subjects and at the same time develop your communication skills, academic language proficiency and higher order thinking skills.
From January to March learn from inspiring speakers, who have succeeded in their area of expertise. Whether it is a deputy principal of a reputable IB school, an HR expert, an engaging economics expert or a professor and a doctor of social sciences. They can’t wait to share their expertise with you, help you prepare for your future and start thinking out of the box.

Different topics to broaden your horizons

What is your area?
  • Personal Statement: Learn how to get started on your CV/resume and your personal statement for university applications.
  • Government's fiscal response to COVID 19: Learn how the current COVID19 pandemic affects not only today but also the future.
  • Time: Learn how people measured time throughout history. Is it possible to travel through time?
  • Music of English: Music instruction helps the learners successfully employ English rhythm, assimilation, elision and other linking aspects.


Anastasia Vasileiou - Anastasia is the Director of Studies at Academic Summer. She is also a deputy principal at a prestigious IB school in Greece, her homeland. She has more than 30-year experience in teaching and she holds a Master’s Degree in School Management. She has just successfully gained her PhD at the University of Cambridge. Anastasia loves teaching and working with people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities.

Francisco Bustos - Francisco has over 24 years of experience in international marketing & sales. His work has taken him to countries across the world including Angola, China, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Colombia and all over Europe. Francisco is a linguist, speaking four languages and has a great interest in world history. Francisco has worked for several reputable education providers in Oxford, Cambridge and London. Francisco is an excellent mentor and a great listener.

Giedre Balcytyte - Giedre is a doctor of social sciences, an associate professor of linguistics at Vilnius University, an IPA (UCL, UK) certified phonetician, a researcher, a lecturer and a teacher trainer. Her special research and teaching focus is on the acquisition of English by non-native speakers. Verbal and non-verbal communication including the nuances of vocal skills and the prosodic/musical features of the English language is the area she is particularly interested in. Her empathy and understanding make her one of the students' most favourite Academic Summer teachers.

Paige Phillips - Paige is the Human Resources and Business Manager for Academic Camp Canada. She has her degree in Human Recourses Management and 5 years of experience in the field. She is primarily based in Canada and has also directed UK half-term courses. She enjoys training and onboarding staff and is fascinated by what motivates and incentivize people in the workplace.