Academic Lectures @home for students aged 9 - 17

From January to March learn from inspiring speakers, who have succeeded in their area of expertise. Whether it is a deputy principal of a reputable IB school, an HR expert, an engaging economics expert or a professor and a doctor of social sciences. They can’t wait to share their expertise with you, help you prepare for your future and start thinking out of the box.

Different topics to broaden your horizons

What is your area?

Personal Statement: Learn how to get started on your CV/resume and your personal statement for university applications.

Government's fiscal response to COVID 19: Learn how the current COVID19 pandemic affects not only today but also the future.

Time: Learn how people measured time throughout history. Is it possible to travel through time?

Music of English: Music instruction helps the learners successfully employ English rhythm, assimilation, elision and other linking aspects.

Check out the full Academic Lectures @home schedule.

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