Academic Lectures @home for students aged 9 - 17

From September to December learn from inspiring speakers, who have succeeded in their area of expertise. Whether it is a successful businesswoman who is running businesses in two continents, experienced IB examiner, engaging sales expert, doctor of social sciences, HR director or qualified medical doctor. They can’t wait to share their expertise with you, help you prepare for your future and start thinking out of the box.

Different topics to broaden your horizons

What is your area?

Medicine: Learn more about the journey through school, medical school and life as a doctor.

Global trade: Trading across the world, is it a benefit or a thread to economies, states, individuals?

Multiple intelligence: We are all individuals with very different brains. How does your brain work? How you can work with it?

Entrepreneurship: The world is changing and we need people with creative, innovative and entrepreneurship spirits to make a difference

Communication: Verbal and non-verbal communication is at the core of any relationship be it personal, study-related or professional. How to make it effective.

Reaching your personal best: Your future is your destination. How can you navigate your way to the future you dream of and what happens if you get lost along the way?

Health and fitness: Do you often forget what you have learnt from one day to the next? Physical exercise does not only improve the health of your body, but also your mind.

Check out the full Academic Lectures @home schedule.

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