IGCSE @home for students aged 14 - 16

The best of both worlds – study from home and achieve the world's most popular international qualification for 14 to 16 year olds.
Login to Academic Camp from the comfort of your own home and study up to five Cambridge IGCSEs in just one year instead of two years or just choose one or two subjects, such as English and Maths, alongside your normal school work. IGCSE is ideal preparation and an entry level qualification to A Levels or the IB Diploma.Leading universities and employers worldwide accept Cambridge IGCSE as evidence of academic ability so by even studying one subject you can stand out and show your commitment to your studies.

Our methodology 

CLIL – Content and Language Integrated Learning. CLIL is about the 4 C's.On an @home course you will…
  • enhance your content knowledge and revise key curriculum areas in your subjects. You will have online tuition with our experienced tutors who can inspire you with their expertise in their subject areas.
  • understand culture enabling you to develop a reflective knowledge base.  You will study in small online groups experiencing the global world together in your subject areas.
  • develop your cognition skills. This is your thinking and learning skills. You will be given projects and tasks to work on at home, and your tutor will help to make your individual learning more effective.
  • work on your communication skills in the English language. You will learn to give a good presentation and write an extended essay as well as enjoying discussions online.
With flipped learning, the classroom becomes available to students outside of the normal teaching timetable with content (videos, lesson recordings and content developed by the students and teacher) available at any time. This encourages independent learning and critical thinking skills with students able to set their own pace for learning, pause a lesson recording to carry out extra research and manage their own learning time which is an essential skill to learn. Students are able to take quality notes during their lessons, knowing that they can go back and watch the lesson recording to fill in any gaps afterwards. This encourages fantastic study skills as well as deep engagement in the lessons. Students come to lessons well prepared, having carried out set reading and self-study before class, enabling the teacher to deliver personalised learning in the lessons, supporting those who need more help with the content and stretching those who need more.  



We are offering the following Cambridge IGCSE for you to choose from:(Please follow the links for official Cambridge International Education subject syllabuses.)

Assessment at the end of the course includes written, oral, coursework and practical assessment.  

*The practical assessments will be offered during the Revision course in April so if you choose these subjects you will need to join our Revision course to complete all parts of your assessment. 

We can arrange a meeting online to discuss the best subject options with you and advise you what is best for your future educational plans.

You will study in small groups of a maximum of 4 students and have 2.5 hours of live tuition per subject per week over 30 weeks. You will also have 2.5 hour of guided tasks to do at home and will be supported by your experienced online tutors. We use MS Teams classrooms so you can communicate, ask questions and share work with your tutor.  

You can take your IGCSE exams as external candidates either in your home country or we can arrange entry here in the UK with our partner host school.  

Be a leader 

CPD accreditation Be a leaderDuring your year with us you will participate in our Be a Leader course and develop your leadership skills. We will cover areas such as influence, communication, teamworking, change management, negotiation, delegation, problem solving and accountability. This course leaders to a CPD qualification and takes 20 hours to complete over the year. 

You will participate in fun and challenging leisure activities to develop your skills and social with others studying with us.  


  Details    Per annuum  
  Fees per IGCSE subject    £3,750 
  Package: 4 IGCSE subjects, own language &    Revision course in April    £15,000 
  English and Maths package    £6750 

We charge 250 GBP registration fee for the initial consultations, language assessment & arranging teachers.