Academic Lectures @home for students aged 10 - 18

From September to April learn from inspiring teachers and mentors. Who you can meet? Our Principal, Head of Academics, a teacher trainer, a director of studies, a deputy principal of a prestigious IB school, a business manager, an engaging economics expert, a university professor and a doctor of social sciences lined up for our series of Academic lectures @home - meet our teachers. They can’t wait to get you thinking, help you prepare for your future and start thinking out of the box. ...and the best thing... these lectures are FREE OF CHARGE!

Different topics to broaden your horizons

What are you interested in?
  • How to cope with exam stress. Nerves in class? Learn how to manage fear in an academic and professional setting and turn anxiety into achievement.
  • Improve your presentations skills. Public speaking: Love it or hate it? How to develop your presentation skills to become comfortable and confident speaking to a larger audience or
  • Economics, inflation and the cost of living crisis. We are experiencing textbook economies in our own lifes. This is the perfect opportunity to learn. 

Please note last bookings are possible at the latest 5 days prior start of the lecture. 


Francisco Bustos - Francisco has over 24 years of experience in international marketing & sales. His work has taken him to countries across the world including Angola, China, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Colombia and all over Europe. Francisco is a linguist, speaking four languages and has a great interest in world history. Francisco has worked for several reputable education providers in Oxford, Cambridge and London. Francisco is an excellent mentor and a great listener.

Giedre Balcytyte - Giedre is a doctor of social sciences, an associate professor of linguistics at Vilnius University, an IPA (UCL, UK) certified phonetician, a researcher, a lecturer and a teacher trainer. Her special research and teaching focus is on the acquisition of English by non-native speakers. Verbal and non-verbal communication including the nuances of vocal skills and the prosodic/musical features of the English language is the area she is particularly interested in. Her empathy and understanding makes her one of the students' most favourite Academic Summer teachers.


Eleonor Calon-Jones - Ellie is Head of Academics and HR Director at Academic Summer, passing her HR qualification as the best in her year. Ellies was one of the first members of staff at Academic Summer and has seen the company grow as a teacher, director of studies and finally experienced HR Director. Ellie is an empathetic and enthusiastic lecturer with a great sence of humour.

Vincent Smidowicz - Vincent is principal of Academic Summer. He has spent the last 32 years in academic management, teacher training and teaching. He has examined for International Baccalaureate and designed and run pre-IB courses. Throughout his career he has inspired many students to think, discover, analyse, explore different angles and pursue their dreams.

Anastasia Vasileiou - Anastasia is the Director of Studies at Academic Summer. She is also a deputy principal at a prestigious IB school in Greece, her homeland. She has more than 30-year experience in teaching and she holds a Master’s Degree in School Management. She has just successfully gained her PhD in the University of Cambridge. Anastasia loves teaching and working with people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities.