About Academic Camp

We offer you an inspiring and challenging academic experience, in a global community of learners from all over the world.

Aim for your Personal Best and let us develop you so you are ready for your future studies. Enhance your subject knowledge and prepare for GCSE, A Level, the Advanced Placement or the IB Diploma. 

Go home with a folder of work from the summer, certificates and a full report to add to your academic portfolio.

Study in the heart of London or in the famous university city of Cambridge or get a traditional boarding school experience in Bristol, Canada or Switzerland The choice is yours.

Our methodology

Our philosophy for all our programmes is based around CLIL: Content and Language Integrated Learning.

You study the content of academic subjects and at the same time, improve your English language skills.

Academic Juniors – Adventurers aged 7 to 12

Academic Juniors is a challenging and fun-packed learning experience for young learners. Our young adventurers learn English, maths, sciences, social studies and arts.  Lessons, trips and activities all fit around a weekly theme bringing everything to life.

Explorers aged 12 to 14

You will:

  • study English, mathematics, science, social studies and art
  • develop your IT skills, language skills and study skills
  • learn how to deliver an effective presentation

Engagers aged 15 to 17

You study four study blocks each week and you choose your subjects, depending on your academic needs and interests, from a range of options.

Before you arrive, you will select your subjects online and prior to the course, you can check your timetable and make any subject changes you wish to make. Your timetable is written to meet your individual needs.

Specialist camps – age 15+

  • Get Ready for Medicine (London UK, Ottawa & New Brunswick)

  • Get Ready for IELTS (London UK)

  • Get Ready for Computer Science (Bristol UK, British Columbia & Ottawa)

Your leisure and welfare

You will participate in our exciting and interesting leisure programme. You can try new things, have fun, develop your leadership skills, enjoy cultural visits and socialise with friends from all over the world.

You are looked after 24 hours a day and our qualified and experienced staff will provide you with a secure, caring and supportive environment whatever your age.

Typical day


British Accreditation Council (BAC)

Academic Summer is accredited by BAC as a short course provider.

The British Accreditation Council has provided a comprehensive quality assurance scheme in the UK since 1984. BAC accreditation is recognised the world over by students, agents and government officials as the clearest mark of educational quality in the private sector.

BAC is committed to both encouraging the highest standards of education offered by short course providers and providing prospective students with an invaluable guide to quality. BAC is a UKVI approved accreditation body for Short-Term Student (Child) Visas. If you need a visa to travel to the UK to study with us we can provide you with a visa support letter.

The BAC inspector after our last accreditation visit said: "Teachers embrace the philosophy of Content and Language Integrated Learning in their lessons so that the teaching and learning of the English language and the subject specifi c content are fully integrated."

Quality Education

Quality Education is a quality brand for leading independent colleges teaching international students in English. Together with its sister brand, Quality English, Quality Education colleges provide high-quality training courses in English-speaking countries. Run by directors and staff who care about education and the individual needs of their students, QED colleges offer a high degree of personal service and individual attention. For academic, professional or career needs, Quality Education independent colleges offer the very best of international education.

Academic Summer was the first UK member of Quality Education.

A quote from the inspector from Quality Education: "There is a large body of students who have been with Academic Summer for a number of years, this means they are keen, relaxed and ready to work. This also extends to students becoming members of staff in later years. This all transmits itself palpably to new students and they are immediately wrapped in that warm welcome. Compared to many summer programmes where a hectic, fevered frenzy hangs over everything, the students welfare is dealt with in an almost serene, yet meticulous way. Also the fact that many staff bring their own children as students, really makes concrete the family atmosphere.”

BC Camps Association

In British Columbia, Canada we are accredited by BC Camps Association. This is a mark of quality assurance for us in BC.